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 posted in Sky Kingdoms on Aug 23, 09 3:53 PM
Same problem here with 12-9. I thought shutting down and starting back up would make a difference, but it doesn't -- very discouraging. Customer help shoud be able to do something about this. Or I want my money back ! ! ! !
 posted in Casebook on Nov 6, 08 7:09 PM
From reading all the comments, it looks as though you all need to give us a free game just for the frustration and confusion of trying to download and play this (ahem) "game".
 posted in Casebook on Nov 6, 08 7:03 PM
I wrote the last message. This is a continuation. In the download this X thing came up, and then I got a window that said I couldn't play the game -- that maybe my gamecard needed to be upgraded. So, being a novice at this stuff, I downloaded the wrong software and it cost me a whole new hard drive, plus the loss of some materials that I really liked. No more largeload games for me ! ! ! DOUBLE
 posted in Casebook on Nov 6, 08 7:00 PM
I agree with this large download thing that can't be tried. I'm VERY dis satisfied with this game. I don't like "feeling" my way around and not knowing what to do or where to go. And besides that I can't find any tips on what to do next. I've gotten all the clues I can find in the bedroom and can't seem to go any further ! ! !
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