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 posted in Supermarket Mania ® 2 on Dec 4, 10 9:33 PM
my issue is that it was running fine until the free 1 hour trial ran out. I then purchased it and it won't activate..keeps saying it can't connect to the internet. I've been purchasing and downloading bigfish games for years and never had a problem until now. I have reinstalled game manager and reinstalled the game, knowing I would lose my hour of progress, but it still won't activate. I've tried all the suggestions and nothing works. so now I've paid $6.99 and can't even play it.
 posted in Farmers Market on Oct 8, 10 11:07 PM
I too am having the problem where I cannot reach the customer goal. But I can't even get it past 5 customers left to serve. does anyone know if it has to do with how many customers at a certain booth or how many different customers show? I've not had problems with any of the other levels.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Sep 16, 10 6:35 PM
can anyone help me with level 3.1? I have tried several different ways and I'm not even getting close to being done when time runs out. which direction should I go first?
 posted in Lost in the City on Apr 12, 09 1:01 PM
I have tried to download the free 1 hour trial several times. Each time it gets about 50% done and then quits and gives me the message "installation failed". I have tried restarting my computer. Anyone else have this problem?

Now that I've read all the problems people are having with the game even AFTER they have gotten it installed and started playing, I think I'll just give up on this one. I'm disappointed though, 'cause it sounded good!
 posted in Westward III: Gold Rush on Jan 6, 09 11:17 PM
the panning mines are confusing....I know what you mean by the third one. it DOESN'T have someone guarding it, yet when I try to put someone there to work it still says it is not in my control.
 posted in Westward III: Gold Rush on Jan 6, 09 8:41 PM
AFter several attemps at "saving the mechanic" I finally figured out (after reading other posts) that I need to have a Sheriff and deputies along with my gunslingers before I try that quest. However, I do not have enough gold to build the sheriff's office or hire more gunslingers. I have maxed out all the gold in this town. I wasn't done mining the river, but another guy came into town and he took over control of them so I can't get anymore gold there. I don't have a trading post and can't afford one and I've used up all the other gold resources. I've found the hidden supplies too. Do I have to go back and redo this level to somehow get more gold??

thanks for any help...
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