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 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 24, 18 8:47 PM
I finally managed to find my way to the forum, thank's Linda for creating it! I definately want to continue these SMaLtalks
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 24, 18 10:44 AM
Dear Linda
I went to the site and typed smal - nothing came up...
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 17, 18 8:02 AM
My darlings,
All this is starting to get too much...this is the only forum in the net I'm in, I'm not in fb, instagram or any other social media and now it is about to end I realize these are the last I hear from you guys...allmost makes me into tears, so sad I am my friends.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 17, 18 4:39 AM
This really is a shame! I don' t understand the "fragile" part of the explanation, what do they mean by it, anyone?
For me this forum has been most important, in fact I don't think I would be playing SMAL anymore if it wasn't for the tips and advices to problems that I've found here.
So at this point, dear fellow gamers, thank you so much for all yor help and support, and my best wishes for the future
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 15, 18 11:20 AM
Dear silver_hawk,
Now is definately THE time to use red fireflies! I've used them three times to buy boosts, to get a few extra coins plus to get extra moves (all these combined times 3 ) They have improved to be extremely important, I highly recommend!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 15, 18 10:42 AM
I definately agree with you guys about this being a very hard world! I've been using tons of boosts to get by and by. Now at the last 10 levels and preparing to use another "ton" of boosts before the world is done with...
Oh, and then there are the third tiers to go! Boy, is this fun or what! Just kidding, playing by own choice as are we all
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 9, 18 4:12 AM
Dear tuck6016,
I wouldn't bother with the firefly books at all, never ever bought one myself! Instead buy and grow a few firefly farms, you can then ship fireflies to new worlds from there
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 5, 18 8:04 AM
Dear tuck6016,
could you please be a bit more specific, what have you paid for?
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 1, 18 4:35 AM
I loved it, absolutely enjoyable to play! All levels were nice and easy and prices quite reasonable. Thanks devs for the fun!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Mar 16, 18 8:08 PM
Hi, I on the other hand thought it is just the notice whether you are playing online ( "you can now use this fearure" ) or offline ( "you can't use this feature" )....

 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Feb 23, 18 4:23 PM
Hi, LynnNfld
I posted about this on the 16.12.2017 event. The thing is you will not get any gifts if you (as I had then and have again now) have finished all tiers in all the worlds. That' s the sad truth about it. Not fair at all!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Jan 31, 18 9:48 AM
Hi guys, I have to apologize, I've been going on about " level" 16 when I ment of course
" world " 16 which most of you understood
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Jan 30, 18 12:07 PM
Dear silver_hawk,
Try to be patient, Sweet Shop is pure murder I'm sorry to say, keep you're focus and waitings on level 16, it sure is worth it!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Jan 30, 18 11:04 AM
Thank you both BoutjeFedankt and Linda43416 for agreeing with me
I must say I'm a bit disapointed that more players haven't (bothered?) to comment on this level. Let's face it, there absolutely is no "jinx" there, and for me level16 was the very first and so far the only level where I was able to increase my coin amount!!
I don't know, is it just easier to give negative feedback ( I sure have given my share of it) and hard to give thanks, but in all honesty, I'm the first to thank someone whenever things are done well
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Jan 24, 18 9:47 AM
Thanks gohill for your last post, now I understand what you were on about earlier I' m just a one game player, so I got a bit confused...
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Jan 23, 18 10:57 AM
Ok, so what you said was that you still didn't get the missing 4?
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Jan 23, 18 9:34 AM
Dear gohill,
I have absolutely no idea what you just explained...
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Jan 18, 18 5:16 PM
BoutjeFedankt wrote:
"I agree, so far i've played up to level 11 all 3 tiers, without boosts. I always play 11 levels all 3 tiers until a gate comes by. I think i have always enough fireflies to pass this way, and sometimes you have to play 3 tiers to get a key for a gate that is further away."

A correction from me, played of course the needed third tiers (levels 1,3,5,8,10,23,25,27,30 and 32) to be able to proceed in game. And as I said, no boosts needed so far
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Jan 18, 18 9:42 AM
Now we're talking, the world - so far- has been the " The good old SML ", the very good old game we got used to from the beginning!
I've played so far the first two tiers of all levels up to 55, as in half way of the game. No boosts needed to pass these levels, and - for long time - I've really enjoyed the game
So thanks to whom this may concern!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Jan 16, 18 11:00 AM
Dear Delia67m,
Please be patient, in this game the new world updates usually take about a month or so...but they -mostlly - have been worth waiting for

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