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 posted in War Chariots: Royal Legion on Aug 14, 17 11:52 AM
I love this game. It is extremely well balanced and is truly a "strategy" game.

At first it was extremely difficult and I thought I had messed up by picking the wrong upgrades. But having played through this game multiple times with multiple different upgrade paths every level is winnable regardless of what upgrades you select. You can select upgrades evenly as they become available and win every level. Or you can focus completely on one upgrade until it is maxed and still win every level. If you want extra challenge max coins, then max speed, followed by defense, leaving attack and population to the end. This is more challenging, but I have done it and for this reason this game gets top marks for being extremely well balanced and re-playable.

My only criticism is the poor instructions on using the "stone rune". It took me a while to figure out how to make it work and where it worked. This is a very useful rune on some levels. So that others don't have this same problem, on some maps there is a circle in the middle of a road. Click on this circle and then the rune to make a rock roadblock to appear. This is key in getting three gold stars on certain levels, so keep an out out for these spots in the road.

The special buildings are also very useful. Instead of selecting all of your buildings and telling them to individually attack (as is done in the tutorial), try "feeding" nearby lesser buildings into stables and barracks, and then sending them out from there repeatedly. Each method has it's uses, but most of the time, using the special buildings in this manner will give you the advantage.

Minor disappointment: Nothing special for getting 3 gold stars on all levels.
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