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 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Oct 31, 13 3:32 PM
I was level 43 yesterday and today I am at level 36! Everything I have accomplished this week is gone. I had 60 brains this morning, have none now, had 5 mechanical hearts-gone, 6 burning pumpkins-gone!
 posted in Many Years Ago on Mar 10, 13 2:15 PM
Can't get eggs, have restarted game and followed walkthrough to a tee to make sure I did not miss something...I have all of my resourses full, played every mini game until done, my tribe is hanging around admiring the grass because they have nothing to do. The dinosaurs go up to my stable and "bounce off" once they try to enter the gate..Why can't I get eggs?
Oh and have no houses near stable as others have found problem..
 posted in Nancy Drew: The Trail of the Twister on May 29, 11 7:43 AM
Talk to Pa and ask him, he will tell you what you need to use.
 posted in Nanny Mania 2: Goes to Hollywood on Mar 6, 09 2:15 PM
I am having the same problem. Anyone know?
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