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 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 21, 17 4:02 PM
This game is good until you get to about level 32 and the Rune Garden, then it's nothing but asking you for money everywhere you turn. Every time I complete a quest, I'm asked to pay around 6000 coins to open up a new hidden object area, but completing the quests only pay like 50 - 500 gold, and it takes thousands of gold on top of that to craft items to complete the quests. You're just an errand boy for all these characters as you give away all your coins with no way of really earning them back. They're trying to frustrate you into paying real money so you can get to the next part of the game faster, and it's blatantly greedy and annoying. (The prices of gold and diamonds are outrageous, btw.) I might plow through and patiently farm for gold by just repeating all the hidden object areas, but at the rate they're asking me to pay for new areas versus how fast I can earn it, I'm probably going to get bored and uninstall it.
 posted in Love Chronicles: A Winter's Spell on Aug 29, 17 3:13 PM
I was playing, and suddenly my inventory floated up and disappeared off the top of the screen. I tried reloading the game thinking it was just a bug but when I open the game again my inventory is still gone. I'm not sure what to do. I'm on the part where I'm supposed to make some kind of potion to grow the "Rose of Love".
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