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 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 27, 18 8:56 AM
@ jollejackie: that's weird. Are you in the North by any chance? I'm in the Republic.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 27, 18 4:36 AM
As we wind down here, I just wanted to say a quick thank you to the mods who have always seemed to me to be unfailingly professional, helpful, pleasant, and patient.
Thank you, and may you always find calm waters to swim in!
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 27, 18 4:20 AM
Noon, April 27th in Ireland, and still no Kyoto in the iOS App Store. Interesting that UK has it and we haven't.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 23, 18 7:52 AM
Wishing you all the best missbethann. I understand that bladder cancer is very treatable these days and I'm thinking positive thoughts for you.

Thanks to all who posted reminders to check our inboxes for PRIVATE MESSAGES! I had missed a couple!

To all you senior chocolate crystallised ginger nuts: watch your blood sugar!,,lol
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 20, 18 5:10 PM
globetrotter217 wrote:Yes, I found it, Clive. You have to search for topix + gummy drop and you'll get there, Lambina. It seems a rather lame forum, I couldn't find a post from 2018 and most questions didn't get answered, probably for lack of participants. It could do with a couple of lively seniors !

Yes, I saw that it wasn't well used - presumably because here was by far the best place to go. But now that this is closing, my question is whether topix GD forum is a suitable platform for us to migrate to en masse, and make it more lively? I don't have the know how to make a judgment.

It's easy to find - just google "Gummy drop forum", and it's near the top of the list that comes up.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 20, 18 9:16 AM
Has anybody checked out the forum for gummy drop that I mentioned before? I don't know if it would be any good or not.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 20, 18 9:14 AM
Which city?
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 18, 18 6:32 PM
Just want to add my voice to those that have expressed disappointment/disgust at the forthcoming shutdown.
There is a GD forum on, but I haven't looked at it in any detail yet. There are definitely ads on it, but I suppose everything has to be paid for somehow.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 18, 18 8:15 AM
Regarding item 2 in the OP, I have changed my playing methodology and find that my system makes this much less of a pain.
When playing a current city, I never empty factories. I just ship to the current city from my 26 active shipping ports. This means that I never have to scroll around looking for the port – each city always opens with the port right in front of you.
Then, when I have finished the current city, I start emptying factories to replenish the resources until the next new city comes along. In the earlier cities, you can see two or three factories on the one page without scrolling. In the later ones where you would have to scroll around to see both factories, I just empty whichever one is needed most.
I find this method saves loads of time and I can get round the world in a flash either shipping or emptying factories but not both at the same time.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 8, 18 2:38 PM
Lambina wrote: once in a while they surprise us with a improvement that nobody asked for.

.....but all too often - a disimprovement!
Still, it really is a great game and overall, I love it.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 8, 18 2:33 PM
Just so you know, the reward for completion is 200 coins, 13 boosts, and lives refilled.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 5, 18 3:49 AM
Just finished level 120 Buenos Aires. Judging by the amount of chains and ice in the city, the designer must have been raised in a Siberian gulag!?
I had noticed other players comments about the level of difficulty in BA, so I didn't even attempt any tier 2 or tier 3 levels. This meant I didn't get any of the bonus resources that come with collecting 10 items over 10 levels, but I found that shipping four or five times a day like a demented sailor worked nicely for giving me the resources needed to build monuments. (I currently ship from 26 cities.)

If I could give one piece of advice – it would be to keep a close eye on the goals for each level. There are many levels with ice, chains, stickies, etc. that don't need to be cleared at all, and it's very easy to get distracted by them.

Best of luck on your travels.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 5, 18 3:31 AM
105.1 Istanbul is an excellent source of all resources for green germs as well.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 4, 18 6:54 PM
glitter2goldfish wrote:Hi MomAngel,

Welcome to the forum. When you open a board to start a level you can study the layout and decide if you want to play it or not. If not, you have to close the board without making even ONE MOVE. You can then reload the board without losing a life. In order to close the level look for the green icon in the top left hand corner that has three lines on on that and then click on the red X to close the level. I play on a PC so the location of the green icon may differ if you play on a mobile device.

I play on iPad, and the trick works, and it's the same green icon and big red X.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Mar 30, 18 7:23 PM
Woosywoosy1 wrote:Hi Everybody.
Have not written as I have not been having much fun with GD, Cannot get through anything...Everest and Marathon, just stuck when getting close. The only thing going is the Treasure Chess, I am on day 147, anyone know what 150 will award.

3 x lightning strikes
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Mar 27, 18 10:28 PM
Lambina wrote:Why do people wait until they go back to finish a city to 100% to buy the HH? I understand that they don't want to spend the coins but wouldn't the resources be better utilized at the point when they are needed the most when playing through the city the first time and building the monuments?

A very good question. I guess the answer (for me anyway) is that in the later cities we don't need the resources from HH's because we can ship hundreds of thousands of resources from earlier cities at no cost. The resources from those earlier cities would otherwise never be used at all.
I also recognise that the chances of me ever completing most of the cities 100% are pretty slim anyway and I prefer to save the coins for when I might really need them.
I think most of us though would have bought all the HH's in the earlier cities out of necessity.
Hope this makes sense.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Mar 27, 18 8:17 PM
Gummynut wrote:I am one of the “completionistas” in the group. I have 100% completion in all cities up to Kathmandu, plus Kuala Lumpur ..

Holy Guacamole Batman - that's about 45 cities! Have you considered counselling? (Just joking)
I have completed Sydney through Rome plus Mexico,Tahiti, Dubai, Boston, and Copenhagen which is only 12! Thought I was doing well, but I now feel completely inadequate! Worse still, I'm not one of those players with a huge stash of coins – I only have about 45,000. I've been playing since the early days when Sydney was the only city and we were all waiting for Tokyo to appear.
I have recently been trying to complete Dublin (my home city), but it's an absolute nightmare. So I would welcome any suggestions as to which are the best cities to complete.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Mar 23, 18 6:37 AM
kailuaauntie wrote:
CliveJ wrote:I have PMed a moderator asking that the progress bar on the list of cities be restored, as well as the resources earned counter on each board.

It might be helpful if it was known that I am not the only one who regrets that these facilities were removed, and if any of you feel inclined to send your own messages to a moderator, I would have no objection!


Which Moderator did you PM? and do you think it’s a good idea for others to also PM the same ?

I wrote to bfgBeruna. I honestly don't know if it would be better to pm the same person, but I suspect that the same point coming from different sources might be more effective.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Mar 22, 18 7:48 PM
I have PMed a moderator asking that the progress bar on the list of cities be restored, as well as the resources earned counter on each board.

It might be helpful if it was known that I am not the only one who regrets that these facilities were removed, and if any of you feel inclined to send your own messages to a moderator, I would have no objection!

 posted in Gummy Drop! on Mar 21, 18 10:03 PM
I've just noticed that the progress bar which used to appear underneath the name of each city in the list has disappeared. I used to find this very helpful when selecting the next city to complete 100%.
Like everyone else here (I guess), I love playing this game but I so wish they would stop messing around with it! Do you remember when we used to have a counter showing the amount of resources that had been earned so far on each board? I found that useful too, but it's long gone.
It reminds me of the debacle last summer when every city you went into opened at the shipping port, and at maximum magnification. At least they changed that back again, but I wonder why they persist in fixing things that aren't broken! It looks to me like someone is just making work for themselves to look busy. Certainly there's no way these changes could be called improvements.

One other query: what exactly is a Gazomba? Lol! Hope it's not like a Gazunda!
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