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 posted in Gummy Drop! on Sep 24, 17 5:30 AM
Have been playing this games for years and mostly love it. My only complaints/advice would be -
1) if we are going to get a daily claim (trunk) we don’t want gems that we already have tons of, we want boosts.
2) it use to be that at least once, maybe twice, there would be an opportunity for coins when you do the 10 rounds, that seems to have been gone for a while now (I’m currently in Istanbul). Please provide more opportunities for coins and boosts, not sure about others but I don’t need anymore gems (if they are called something else I’m nit aware).
3) maybe add another opportunity to purchase a permanent 10 lives vs 5 bc some of these rounds are next to impossible to get through and you go through those 5 lives in 10 mins easy. That or don’t make it so hard that it’s not even enjoyable. At one point I stopped playing for about a year because it got too hard I wasn’t even enjoying it anymore.
Just my 2 cents- otherwise I love it more than any other game I’ve played. Thanks for the frequent updates and staying on top of things!
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