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 posted in Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches on Dec 29, 11 9:55 PM
Thank you Karen for such a interesting game. At times I was hopelessly stuck and then other times I was on a roll. I scribbled pages of notes. I laughed when I found the working toilet. I wanted to slip off my shoes, sit on a rock by the creek and dangle my feet in the water. I dreamed about this game. My dream was not just playing the game, I was there at the farm looking for clues.

Great game, great story, beautiful graphics and music. Thank you for all your hard work to develop this entertaining game.
 posted in Cradle of Egypt on Dec 1, 11 8:41 AM
Oh fudge! I loved Cradle Rome 1 (played over 30 times) and Rome 2 was okay until those skulls showed up. While I can work around them, they spoil my mood. I was excited about Cradle Egypt but I was waiting to hear if there were skulls and since that's the case, it's going to be a no buy for me. I'm so disappointed.
 posted in Gemsweeper on Jun 7, 09 8:13 AM
Ditto World Mosaics suggested Gemsweeper and now I am smiling. BF, more please.
 posted in Treasure Seekers: The Enchanted Canvases on May 29, 09 6:41 PM
Loved this game. Starfish40, the game has 6 canvases. GhostGuide2002, on the spine of the red books, there are lines which equal 1 and squares which equal 4.
 posted in Annabel on Mar 14, 09 8:18 AM
I wanted to buy this game but I have to get some motion sickness patches first. I have never had this problem with any other game.

The game also froze on me 4 minutes into it. With the second download, I was able to play until I was too dizzy to continue.
 posted in Mushroom Age on Nov 12, 08 7:40 PM
My game would not save completed levels either & I also have Vista. Jon with Tech Support suggested that my anti-spyware was the problem. So I uninstalled Mushroom Age, disabled my Virus Protection (McAfee) and then reinstalled Mushroom Age then quickly turned my spyware protection back on. The game now works perfectly and saves exactly as it should.

Thanks Jon for the Tech support.
 posted in Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare on Nov 11, 08 5:13 PM
I love this game BUT I wish it offered relax play. I found that the time allowed in both level 49 & 50 was too short. I was forced to skip pipes (a game I love even though it takes me time) to get in under the wire. If the game must be timed, please give me more than 5 minutes.

I thought once I finished the game, I would be allowed to play the mini games. While the mini games are now all unlocked, I can't selected a mini game to play. Is this because I skipped 2 games? Or is it just my computer's settings? If BF offers this game without time limits, I will purchase the relaxed version.
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