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 posted in Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies on Jun 27, 12 1:36 PM
Can we not get a walthrough
 posted in Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies on Jun 27, 12 1:27 PM
I am in Chapter 8 or 9 not sure but need to light the candles and can't find how to do it, to give the Mother more light in the living room, have tried for 3 days can anyone HELP please
Try looking at the Guide, you may have missed a step that is needed to finish before you can get it hope this helps, I have played all the way thru but I don't remember all the steps Good luck
 posted in My Beautiful Vacation on May 8, 10 8:51 AM
I am having the same problem have the mouse, and cloth but can't get the wand to come out of inventory???
 posted in The Otherside: Realm of Eons on Dec 24, 09 12:48 PM
NotHappyToday wrote:Thanks for the tip to go to "Documents and Settings . . ." but I have a Vista operating system. My files go to a folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\The Otherside - Realm of Eons HOWEVER, I can't even run the game from the application in that folder. I keep getting the error "TheOtherside_1_12_bfg.exe has stopped working"

I've tried uninstalling the game, restarting my PC, re-installing the game, but it still won't let me past putting in my username in place of "Miranda." I'm really surprised BFG let this one out with these problems.

I have Vista also and get the very same message you do and the very same problem...I e-mailed BF and they replied they will check into it and sent me a free game pass but still doesn't help when I want to play that game and can't...even got the same thing from the main game site that came out with it
 posted in The Otherside: Realm of Eons on Dec 10, 09 3:48 AM
picman050967 wrote:Ok. Now they have moved it directly into our own corporate datacenter and ASSURE me that it will download flawlessly for everyone...


I have reloaded for about the 20th time and it lets me put my name in but when I click ok I still get the error message "Theotherside_1_12_bfg.exe has stopped working" PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you in advance for any help, I am running Vista Home and everything is up to date with plenty of Ram and all the other things you have to have, all other games run and play with no problem
 posted in The Otherside: Realm of Eons on Dec 7, 09 5:20 PM
I sent you my dxdiag hope this will help have tried and tried to play this one and get no where with it
 posted in Autumn's Treasures: The Jade Coin on Aug 15, 09 9:44 AM
After you uninstall then search under file & folders and then delete it then reinstall, it woked for me. Even when you uninstall it still leaves the 1st folder that you downloaded in your computer so you still have the problems. Worked for me hope this helps l
 posted in Autumn's Treasures: The Jade Coin on Aug 15, 09 9:30 AM
After you uninstall then search and find the folder to get the whole thing off your computer, it worked for me after I found the folder that was still on my computer even after the uninstall. hope this will help everyone it did me. Uninstall doesn't get it all off your computer as you think it does.
 posted in Mr Jones' Graveyard Shift on Aug 10, 09 10:50 AM
It locked my computer up 2 times and then when finally got it to play the cursor was so slow I couldn't get it to do anything so just deleted it but trust me is nothing like in real life at all. not this one for me at all
 posted in Nick Chase: A Detective Story ™ on Feb 4, 09 7:51 AM
The Skip worked for me but you have to wait till the timer ( in the bottom right corner) goes all the way around for it to work, guess the want you to at least try it before you Skip it and it does take a few minutes to go around
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 28, 08 5:12 PM
I went to play for the 2nd time and when I changed players the list won't show up just a bunch of broken letters can't even read and for my profile name can't even see it. Had no problem the first time , uninstalled and reinstalled but same thing. I don't want to loose my times to reinstall by doing this to many times, any help would be wonderful Thanks in advance
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 28, 08 5:17 AM
When I finally figured out where and what everything was and back to the beginning to crank the Well handle I then got lost trying to get back to where I was suppose to be guess short term memory loss comes with age
 posted in Detective Stories: Hollywood on Nov 28, 08 5:08 AM
Being older the Relaxed Mode is very important to me, when timed I get in a hurry to make sure I beat the clock and end up not doing well at all, so maybe they will add Relaxed to this one
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 27, 08 5:30 PM
I finally finished it and LOVED it!!! took me about 12hrs. off and on, my hat is off to the one that finished it in 4 hrs. I took my time and of course got lost a bunch of times but it was well worth all the other ones will seem so dull would hate to be the one that will have to top this one..Good job everyone involved in the making of it, you did a wonderful job
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 26, 08 5:53 AM
I did the 60 minutes demo and then went and used my game credit to buy and then the game started at the beginnng again not where I left off lost all my progress...has this happened to anyone else?? Did have a new set of HO's to find not the same as before so is replayable so far
 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends on Sep 12, 08 3:46 AM
hopewilson65 wrote:Where did u get the BFG toolbar at?

Go to the help section in seach bar type in Toolbar and it will take you to the instructions on how to get it good luck
 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends on Sep 11, 08 4:56 AM
I have the BF Toolbar and it has it up there at midnight EST what the game is for the next day for anyone wanting to download that, it has given me no problems what so ever by having the toolbar
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