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My goodness, I thought I was never going to get out of those first two scenes. It was like being held hostage...back and forth needing this and just those 2 scenes. It was torture. I'll probably be seeing those 2 scenes in my sleep, I was there so long. It took me over 40 minutes to get in that cab and get out of town. I felt desperate for some different scenery. I would have given him anything if I could have. And where does the cabbie take me?... another scene where I was performing multiple, senseless tasks. I knew I was going to be there a very LONG time. Couldn't take it any longer and quit with 40 minutes to go on the demo. How about that for entertainment? I don't think so.

There are 102 collectible love letters (nothing else), that from what I saw just goes into a room where you can click on them and it brings up a scene you can revisit like a transport map. Now there surely can't be 102 scenes in this game or it will be the longest game on record, so maybe I am missing something here, other than my sanity from this demo.

Indicates you can replay hos and puzzles, but the number is locked, It's always something they want to keep from you....and let me tell you they can keep this one, indeed.

This has got to be the slowest moving game in history. Much ado about nothing, that's what it is.

I feel like Michael and passing out.

 posted in Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies on Apr 25, 18 10:05 PM
Many have been confused about this, myself included. I thought it was just a regular SE until I began the demo and recognized I had done it before in a CE. This should have been indicated as being available in a CE as they always have been when a SE is released. This is just another issue we are being dealt by BF....very inconsiderate.
 posted in Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies on Apr 25, 18 4:30 PM
Good question about walkthroughs well as our purchased games, too. There is not even a mention of the CE of this game on the game page as there usually is when a SE is released that has a CE. Why is that? That should be indicated as it always has been. Is this the beginning of the end ? Something isn't right all. We were told there would not be a discontinuation of walkthroughs...and here we are without well as no indication that there is a CE for this. Is that so those who forgot they have purchased this in a CE will make the mistake of buying this as a SE? Makes me wonder. How about you? What we are being told and what is happening are 2 different things. Isn't that obvious?

If you look in the thread for "Game not advertised as also a CE", you will clearly see that 2 already made a mistake and bought the game thinking it was only a SE. Not only that, others have been confused about it being just a SE, too...myself included. It wasn't until I began to do the demo, that I realized I had done it before in a CE.

What kind of game is BF playing on everyone?

Could not finish this to the mansion and called it quits when I saw Godzilla or is it King Kong, maybe a cross between the two trying to get in the car. How absurd and juvenile this one is, particularly the scene in the store where 2 people are trying to keep the MONSTER from beating down the door with a very calm dog in the background and a sobbing girl....then the issue gets solved by lighting an entire pack of fireworks. Now that is enough to blow anyone away...and they were entirely unscathed. It astonished me....a miracle.

All you are doing is collecting inventory. Everything...and I mean everything needs something, even in your inventory....utter tedium. And you're going to love this....we actually need a zipper pull for a back pack and rust remover for a blow about that? It never ceases to amaze me. You're going back and forth and back and forth to the point you don't know if you're coming or going and don't even care anymore.

The graphics are atmospheric, but it's very foggy, some scenes moreso than others. Even though you can adjust the brightness, it didn't solve the matter of it being undefined and difficult to see. Don't know where they get the idea this is appealing unless they just want us to have that extra challenge of eye strain.

The first generous hos in the beginning was in a bike basket with just a few items to find....very nice. Another hos was so dark, I could hardly see...even the "+" pictures that you are supposed to find the corresponding item for were so small. I just started clicking away. The one in the food trailer was fun, but I breezed right through it...not much time to enjoy it. There was also another dark hos and at the end I'm spending more time waiting for morphs.

You are not overwhelmed with puzzles, at least not in the demo. Skipped most of them....and loathed the one where you were supposed to light the bulbs as pictured. Everything you touch turns everything else....ended up skipping that, too ,and wished I would have had those minutes back in my life.

You collect Elf pictures for a special room...some photo pieces you put together in an album...and there are some indicator for them. You also have the choice to use Elf or not as a helper....very considerate.

There is no replay of hos and puzzles and I absolutely do not think this is CE worthy. Why should we be expected to pay CE prices for what should be included in the Extras and is not?

 posted in Edge of Reality: Fatal Luck Collector's Edition on Apr 20, 18 11:10 PM
It started out great with excellent graphics along with a mesmerizing atmosphere with interesting things to do, then as soon as the helper dog was introduced, they lost me. What does a dog have to do with this scenario...yeah, I know he was there in the beginning with the baby, but that was enough! What's a dog doing in a casino? And then they have a close up shot of him slobbering with his tongue all over the screen....very appealing. He didn't fit in with this, even if he is cute.

I found this to be disjointed in places, particularly going from the casino scene to an entirely different out of this world atmosphere. Then you find yourself in a forest, all with gambling mini games, that I must confess, I am not into playing cards, dice, or dominoes and had problems with them because I never play those. It is expected of you to know what you are doing even though there were basic instructions. These gambling games didn't fit in with the scene locations. I wanted to go back to a casino setting or something in common with the story and its theme.

I became bored with the gameplay at times....and with the casino chip gadget (yes there is one of those, too). It even glows as well as the certain type cards you get that you will use that are right next to it, by the hint. The SG is a very small icon above the hint, also....too close to it.

In the Extras it indicates you can replay hos and puzzles, but the numbers of them are locked....very nice. It would be if they wouldn't keep that a secret unless we put up the $$ to buy first. It's a gamble as to what you are getting.

The only collectibles are the jester/joker scepters, I think 50 which weren't very exciting...some of them easy to find, others blended in and were difficult. You have a side tab to indicate the scepters in a scene. Their locations are shown in the map. There should have been collectible casino chips to cash in to buy items to decorate your very own casino room that you could replay the puzzles and hos in.

Liked the few hos in this demo and thought they were well done. Love the removing of the colored jewels in the slot machine and would have enjoyed more levels of those.

Will probably get this with a good sale because it is different and unique for the most part, but knowing what the rest of the game is like is a win some and you lose some~ You know the story of that one well.

 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 17, 18 3:38 PM
I have this from another site that I bought some time ago. I did not finish it yet, however. It was a SE edition with CE extras except for a BC and SG. In those extras it indicates you can replay puzzles and hos, however there were only 8 of each listed there, so I don't know if that's it or what. In those extras are also your screensavers, art and music, as well as cut scenes and the 30 collectible atomic symbols. I am sure all of this and hopefully more extras are included in this CE version. Had I known this was going to be released here, I would have surely waited, as I would rather have the CE of this, and will probably be purchasing it when there is a good sale....will there ever be one of those again? Seems like a long time.

I have just completed this demo and although it is extremely short, I was impressed with it enough to buy it before it being released here. The demo should have definitely been longer for everyone. The graphics are beautiful. It has a different feel to it as well as the story.

I also see where the Extras are locked in this demo....all of them. This is not considerate of potential buyers whatsoever, and is just a "buy before you try" tactic which I am totally against. It's manipulative. Everyone should be able to see what they are getting for the CE price. It is the courteous thing to do.

There are 30 collectible atomic symbols to gather and there is an indicator for this in the lower right hand portion of your screen by the hint. Don't know what you do with them, however. There is a transportable map and the hint is very helpful. Not overwhelmed with puzzles. Hos were interactive and appeared to be in the same amount as the puzzles. There is some going back and forth collecting of inventory. In the demo there was plenty of mechanical tasks to do, which I am not fond of. SG, what I could see of it seemed sufficient enough.

Gameplay flows nicely and in a relaxing manner without being overtaxed and stressed with over activity. What a relief~

It is very nice to have a game that the graphics are so defined and clear that you can see what you are doing and collecting without having to strain from poor lighting and clarity and cloudiness. It is refreshing....and I am looking forward to upgrading to the CE.

 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 17, 18 2:11 PM
Throwing us all under the bus....plain and simple. A company as BIG as theirs can do what they want and will, no matter what we say. Well, the main page reviews will still be available with all those star reviews that most don't read.....wonderful. Doesn't that make you thrilled?
 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 17, 18 11:57 AM
All this is going to do is create a mass exodus, myself included. It's one cut back after another. What will it be next? One has to wonder where the BF business priorities are....surely not for their customers...and yes it is all about money, but do we know the real story here? BF is one of the largest game sites in the world. Honestly, I don't think it is a matter of them not being able to afford to update software or whatever else they have to do, whatsoever. There are other motives involved here. If you take care of your customers, your customers will take care of you...and if you don't....well then you lose their business, which is exactly what is going to happen.

I would refuse to pay any extra for anything and think that with the decline of the quality of games as well as the apparent decline of BF, that many have been moving on for quite some time, as well as cancelling memberships. Perhaps BF doesn't give a you know what, figuring there will be new customers coming and paying...going along with their (BF) program. After all, they know very well how much everyone loves games.

This decision is not going to go over well with customers at all and they should know this and take measures to prevent it. If not, they are sure going to find out....because the majority of members are going to be upset......very upset the point of not doing business with them at all, some which will be in absolute protest. It is going to be a disaster....for us, too.

Like some of the hint instructions we get in a game...."I think it is time to move along."

 posted in Mystery Tales: The Other Side on Apr 15, 18 11:18 AM
Puzzle heavy....too much so. This is too busy of a game with so many mundane tasks. Everything needs something...everything needs to be fixed. In this demo which I could not even finish because it was just exhausting, I came across 2 needed zipper pulls...2 items needed to be oiled....batteries needed for a needed for bolt cutters, even the bolt....3 needed stethoscope parts for a puzzle.... your having to fix this and that and having to find everything to do it, as well as finding puzzle parts...the list goes on and on. It is excessive and utterly draining. What kind of enjoyment is all this nonsense ? NONE.

The best part was the battery charger operated by a hamster running in his exercise wheel. Now that is something new and inventive. It was hilarious, as was the story, what you could get out of it. What a bunch of useless work to do. And before I exited the demo, which I just about completed, it looked like you're going to have a dog helper, too, which will only slow your progress up even more if that is the case.

The Hos were nothing to write home about, interactive....and there was even a puzzle in one of those I came across. Where does it stop with all these puzzles....sometimes one right after another? If you're not confronted with that, it's an overwhelming amount of work to do. Who needs it? I am in empathy with the police officer who needed a sedative.

Not my idea of a good time.

 posted in Endless Fables: Dark Moor Collector's Edition on Apr 14, 18 12:56 PM
Excellent graphics....very atmospheric. Was a short demo with much to do, somewhat very juvenile tasks at times. There is an amulet to use to ward off cursed objects that requires a charged crystal which then brings up a puzzle of symbols, which can be skipped. It is repetitive and I got tired of it the second time around and skipped it as I did some other puzzles which, of course outnumber hos. There are numerous inventory items that need items. It was tedious having to find logs and nails and assemble a ladder....a waste of well as some of the other things you have to do and the going back and forth. Sometimes I had so much inventory it was tiring and a drag. It would be nicer to just find what you need and move on instead of having to find multiple items to combine.

From the demo, which I completed, this appears to be slow moving, and not over active like someone had 100 cups of coffee while making it. It was not stressful and from the demo seems to be well balanced in game play. The story is fine, maybe would have been nicer for Halloween, though.

In the Extras there is no info as to how many (re playable) puzzles and hos there are, but you can be sure there will be MANY more puzzles than hos. I think that info should be included in the demo so you can have an idea what you are getting instead of the "Buy before you try" tactic. There also is not an indicator in the custom mode for how short your skip times are, but it is fast.

The hos I came across were nicely done, but there really weren't any I would want to replay...not from the demo, anyhow. It's hard to judge that from just a demo. If you can replay the mini game of decorating the cake, you will be ecstatic about that one.

Not much for collectibles....counted 12 pumpkins...10 "tricky" morphs, which I only found one. You don't have time to be waiting around for morphs in a demo.

This was not the best demo, but far from being the worst. Although I do not feel this is CE worthy, I did find it interesting and would have considered buying it if there had been a more generous sale to benefit members. It is definitely not worth the extra $$.

 posted in Grim Facade: Broken Sacrament Collector's Edition on Apr 12, 18 11:34 AM
What do they mean in the Extras that there are an equal amount of puzzles and hos...14? That is inaccurate and misleading. All I was doing in this demo was puzzle after puzzle, some you could not skip. I didn't finish because of it. The one hos I came across was finding bell parts...then HAVING to put it together...another puzzle to do. It doesn't matter if puzzles seem to be a no brainer by some, they are what they are and should have a skip. I don't want to be forced to do them. And if their idea of matching a few flowers and lily pads in a mini is a hos, they can keep this game. The overabundance of puzzles imbalances this to a point of no enjoyment.

Is there supposed to be a story here? You wouldn't know it with all of the monotonous tasks you have (as well as all the puzzles one right after another). You are putting coins in the boatman's hand one at a time...finding "no...not...n'ts" in a multi page document you have to read (what fun)....putting a net together to catch a fish for a cat, which you cannot skip....finding parts for figures and then having to glue them...extinguishing a fire...placing snake parts in a scene...and how about putting the bullets in a gun one at a time? Isn't that great? There is also a multitude of inventory that requires parts...and many conversations you choose or skip. All this crap does is take away from the game and story, making gameplay an utter bore.

The collectibles also leave much to be desired....boat medallions...and large G + F letters...huh?...also coins to find to "decorate" your boat. Doesn't float mine. There are some morphs, too, but with all the other noise you have to do, I didn't care.

Because the graphics are so excellent in this, I am utterly disappointed. This had so much potential to be an enjoyment and instead, this demo was one BIG bore and even bigger CHORE. What a shame.
 posted in Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends on Apr 10, 18 11:13 AM
type in this game title walkthrough in your search will direct you to a video walkthrough.
 posted in Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends on Apr 9, 18 12:24 PM
Although this is a very short demo, I looked up a video walkthrough and it looks very decent to me, even in length. It appears to be quiet and relaxing gameplay with attractive graphics, somewhat cloudy at times, but still pleasant. Hos appear very nice, too. Hint is very have a skip for puzzles which were not in overabundance. I did notice quite a bit of going back and forth finding and using inventory in the demo. I almost exited when having to find an oiler. I have to admit, the demo was rather boring, but I wanted to see what was up ahead, so looked it up.

I have the other 2 in this series, and think they may be better than this one, but it is really hard to tell with such a short demo. I had 50 minutes left and really took my time. They should have been more generous with that, so you would have more to go on.

I think this will be a good edition to the other 2. It's different and has a uniqueness of its own. I will be using a pcc on it today and am looking forward to relaxing with its continuation.

 posted in Nevertales: Creator's Spark on Apr 8, 18 11:39 AM
Too many puzzles, often times one right after another. There were also 2 of them I could not skip with the crystals. The hint was totally useless here as well as in other areas, only pointing to the place you need to go and that is info or direction on what inventory item to use. Are they serious? What is the sense of buying a game that doesn't have an adequate hint system?

Although the graphics are quite nice....easy to see, I found this to be a very disjointed game...and a waste of my time.
 posted in The Andersen Accounts: Chapter One Collector's Edition on Apr 7, 18 11:36 AM
What a mess of a game. Couldn't last the demo. First of all, the graphics are horrendous....hazy, dark, with very faded colors. This is not an attraction whatsoever.

More strange tattoos....more missing people....."exotic ink poisoning?"... and nonsensical, boring tasks. The few hos I came across were of a juvenile quality (not even they would appreciate)...finding faded items in a tv screen that looked like they were out of an outdated grammar school book...then finding stamps in another cloudy scene....and finding silhouetted medical items. Come on, now. How uncreative and lacking can you get? There is absolutely no quality here.

Then we have the tasks... fixing a tv remote control....using a fan blade to unscrew the cap of a fire hydrant?....acquiring oil for rusty bolts from, of all things, a hose? What is this? You need this item and that to put here and there, going back and forth. How fascinating and extremely suspenseful.

I will confess, I had no idea what the collectible Red Riding Hood figures had to do with this washed out demo....until....I was in a dump of a place that Rachel was living in, (why would any girl live in a place like that?) Her neighbor in Apt 8, says, Rachel lives in Apt 9, but isn't there and sometimes wears a red cape and brings her goodies. OMG. Is this for real? Now what kind of "goodies" would that be in a dilapidated building next to a bar in a dark alley? All I would like to know is what were they smoking when they put this one together?

I'm out of here~

 posted in Haunted Hotel: Lost Dreams on Apr 6, 18 7:21 PM
Although the demo was less than 2 Chapters, it seemed much shorter than that, so it makes me wonder how long this game is in its entirety. Looking at the walkthrough, it doesn't appear to be very long. I am a slow player and finished this demo with 40 minutes left....did skip some puzzles which were in an overabundance, outnumbering hos... of course.

I absolutely hate puzzles that when you turn something it affects everything else....very frustrating. The hos were mediocre and I completed them fairly quickly....would be nice if puzzles were as less time consuming. I don't care to be spending all of my game time doing puzzles...and at times, it seemed like there was one puzzle after another.

This is a busy game collecting inventory, going here and there which was very tedious at times and overrides the flow of the game play. I didn't find the going back and forth to be too excessive and it was limited to a few scenes at a time. The hint was very helpful which I did use at times.

The biggest drawback for me is the most inferior graphics which is not typical of this developer at all. There is a constant fog and haze in most scenes with blues and purple hues. They are not defined as they should be, making it hard to see, especially if you are not playing this in a dark room, which I would suggest as you can surely see better. I did this CE demo in a daylight setting and could hardly see. It was terrible and a strain. So this demo I did in a dark room and it was much better. You can't enjoy a game to its fullest with poor graphics and this one leaves much to be desired. The quality just isn't there. The floating bubbles didn't help the situation either....reminded me of the Lawrence Welk show.

I enjoyed playing this demo much better than the CE, probably because I could see better. It isn't a dark and dreary game like some of the others have been...more on the lighter side. Even though there is too much inventory to be dealing with and too many puzzles, there have been plenty of worse ones out there, so I will be considering this at a sale price....maybe even the CE.

This absolutely is not CE worthy. The main game is short, but not bad. There were too many puzzles...once again more emphasis and effort on mini games, which is really no surprise. Some of the hos were better than others. I think just one was a repeat.

The best portion of the game for me was the demo...then it went downhill after that. It's like you're hoping things get better and they don't. I didn't appreciate all of the shooting in the game and seeing someone being shot and bleeding to death at the end. That is totally unnecessary and a real turn off. Things were bad enough without having to see that.

It's the BC that is the real kicker. It is unbelievably very short, uninteresting and not worth it. What I thought would not be "the pits" of a CE game has turned out to be just that....and the story has nothing whatsoever to do with EAP or his story, which is the biggest disappointment of all. A real letdown to say the least.

They certainly could have done a better job on this one instead of appearing to be uninterested themselves and giving up on what should have been a quality and more generous length of a game.

A very short demo. The graphics are excellent, with rich and warm colors, creating an enticing atmosphere, indeed. Quality. You are not overwhelmed with collecting inventory and parts...(thank goodness we only had to find the lantern and light it instead of hunting for fuel). It gives one more time to enjoy the scenery and story when you don't have all that useless work to do.

I am not sure what this story has to do with Poe at all, not that it makes very much of a difference....except that it doesn't coincide with the least not from this short demo. It is rather disappointing, but I won't know for sure until I continue on with it, as I will be purchasing this game when a beneficial sale comes along.

There are too many puzzles, as usual...not enough hos (sos). There is a replay of 12 hos and 16 mini games, and you can bet on it that there will be more puzzles than that. One of the replay mini's is the "punching the guy's lights out". You're really going to want to do that one over and over...but better than that, the one hos you can replay is the first one where you are examining Zula's body, matching words to items...awesome.

Some of the puzzles I did and others, I skipped. It is evident that they are still obsessed with incorporating them into games rather than hos. You know, I hate it when some are always saying that puzzles are SO is not very considerate of others who just may have problems with what they think is so easy. What is easy for me or anyone may not be for someone else and can have a tendency to make one feel inferior. Perhaps, to specify that the mini games/puzzles are personally easy would be much more thoughtful of others.

The game play in this was easier and more relaxing than some of the others, particularly the past 2 or 3....not too much going back and forth. It is easy to don't feel like taking a tranq after playing it, which is one reason I will be getting this......even though....I don't think there are any CE extras to be excited all....some morphs and only 9 cards?....very generous, don't you agree?

I have the others in this series...some certainly better than others, of course. Although, this may not have anything to do with the real "Pit and the Pendulum", from this short demo, which was enjoyable more than not, I do not think that this game will in any way be "the pits."

 posted in Darkness and Flame: The Dark Side Collector's Edition on Mar 31, 18 3:06 PM
Could not finish this demo. This is an extremely boring game with boring tasks to match. It's like you are going nowhere...just back and forth collecting inventory for meaningless tasks. It is very slow going. What was the sense of acquiring a piece of cloth to cover a mouse....think a real one would have stayed in position for that? It's nonsense...and there's more than that, which is a waste to even mention. You'll get the picture when you start doing it. How does any of this hold one's interest? It doesn't mine.

You aren't overrun with puzzles, at least in the demo (a miracle). It does indicate there are 21 in the Extras, though. You are really going to enjoy replaying the puzzle where you are climbing the wall with a pick ax...not just one ax, but 2, that you had to find first before even attempting the strenuous climb. A great deal of creativity went into that, I'm sure you'll agree.

No amount is given for hos...maybe there aren't that many which would come as no surprise. Didn't think much of the 2 hos in the portion of the demo I endured, which were interactive, but ok. There is no alternative to play, another thing being cut back on. It was also rather distracting to have the SG in the upper right hand corner like a billboard. You won't have a problem finding that one.

The graphics are pleasant and relaxing, but because of the lethargic and uninteresting play, it is enough to put one to sleep. I do not think this would appeal to an expert player at all or even an intermediate one because of the juvenile aspects of it, as well as it just being too slow...and a drag.

AND the kicker we have yet another CE, offering a half you know what for Extras expecting a full CE price....a replay of puzzles, but no hos. It's always something, isn't it? I won't even bother, no matter how lovely and generous they think the collectibles might be. This one can go up in flames and into the darkness.

 posted in Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath on Mar 30, 18 10:18 AM
48 puzzles---18 hos. That says it all. If you like puzzles, this is for you because that is mostly all you are going to be doing. I would have bought the game otherwise. The Mayan theme was different for a change, but this is totally imbalanced. Take a look at the walkthrough and you can see it for yourself.

Graphics were conducive to the story...could have been better and more defined, but were fair and tolerable. The tool box with the "shakes" was annoying at times to me. Dealing with so many symbols became monotonous after awhile. Game play flowed easily...not too much going back and forth collecting inventory.

It is a disappointment that the making of this was so obsessive with incorporating as many puzzles as are in this game. It overwhelms everything else that is supposed to be going on and takes away from the enjoyment.

Another one bites the dust~

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