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 posted in Laxius Force on Nov 5, 12 11:20 PM
ksjp17 wrote:
gina33 wrote:Help!! How do I get Louis to join back my group after he has left us?

If you mean when he leaves you after completing the Brothers of Sariis quest, you can't. But he rejoins of his own accord later on.

many thanks. Sorry for this late reply. real life took over and had to leave the game for a while, but it is so much fun to start all over again and not make the same mistakes!! Now I found the sculpter's pet!!! Yippee!
 posted in Laxius Force on Nov 5, 12 11:18 PM
jozee1026 wrote:Is there a way to get more food rations? I'm stuck cuz I don't have enough to continue on, but don't know where to find anymore.

You can only buy them from specific trading counters.
If you run out, try checking around the nearest village for traders that sell food ration.

All the best!!
 posted in Laxius Force on Nov 5, 12 11:16 PM
Can't Get to Baretta's shop in Laxius 1. I keep hitting "Next" destination at the Transport Counter but it doesn't bring me to Baretta's Shop?
I already have the bundle to be delivered to her.

What am I not doing right?

HELP!!!! help......
 posted in Laxius Force on Aug 22, 12 11:56 PM
Help!! How do I get Louis to join back my group after he has left us?
 posted in Alpha Kimori ™ on Aug 18, 12 1:56 AM
Truly, Truly amazing game!! When will BFG bring in the second episode? I can't wait to buy it!
And I agree with some fellow RPG fans here. BFG should have a separate section of games just for RPG games rather than have it all together with the HOG.
 posted in Roads of Rome II on Jan 12, 11 6:59 PM
When you begin this level, there should be a boulder on your right that is blocking the entrance into a cave. Clear this boulder and your answer should be there.
 posted in Deep Quest on Mar 1, 09 12:19 AM
I know I'm a little behind time, but I actually bought this game quite some time back and just dump it aside as it requires a bit of planning and strategy.
Hope you could help me, I am stuck in Level 5 as well but I managed to rescue Braveshell and brothers but I can't upgrade my fort to advance to the next level. No matter what I do, the upgrade button would not light up.

Please help!!! cos this is getting so frustrating.

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