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 posted in Fairway Solitaire on Mar 14, 13 8:15 AM
KateCZ wrote:
jlleo wrote:Is there no daily challenge for today, March 14? The calendar button correctly states the 14th, but my daily challenges are just through March 13. Thanks!

The same problem here

No March 14 challenge for me, either. I have been checking every couple hours and still do not have it. It only shows up to march 13.
Dark Tales is a game that is really a game for beginners in the IHOG world. For me, it was way too easy. I played on expert mode right out of the chute and even though I didn't have all the help, or "sparkles", this game was very straight forward. I was really looking forward to a couple of days of intense playtime, however, I finished the game in about 4.5 hours on expert and felt totally ripped off. While it's true the game does have great art and music, I was bored with it about half way in.

I will stop buying the CE versions of these games. Like with many others who purchased the first CE, MCF Dire Grove, I was totally expecting way more game than I got. I am not really sure what I was expecting with DG but when all the hype came out about it, I thought it would be a game that would be above all others and maybe even the holy grail for IHOG. HAHAHA....I mean really....why should I pay the extra cash for a CE game??? I don't need or use the wallpapers or screensavers because I have a gajillion personal photos to choose from for free. Who cares that there is a strategy guide in the game and why should I spend $19.99 to read it? If I need a strategy guide/walkthrough because I am stuck, (which I only use if I am really, really, really stuck and that hasn't happened in a very long time with the recent games released) all I have to do is go to any one of many sites on the internet and get it for free. From now on, $6.99 is plenty for me.

While I will continue to play and buy my games from Big Fish, I just thought I would vent as I don't do it often. I am sure many will enjoy this game. I just wanted to say that everyone should just wait for the regular version instead of forking out the bucks for the CE version.

 posted in Paradise Beach on Oct 9, 09 5:58 AM
In the last level, to get more money, you need more people. To get more people, you have to build a bunch of Turtle/Dinosaur exhibits. These exhibts don't require any maintenance. Also, upgrade as much as you can after you have the exhibits. Doing this will get you tons of patrons and you will see your profits soar.

I, too, am having problems with this game crashing. I get an error message often and the game closes. Everything is updated and the color scheme for my Vista machine has been changed. I am on the last level and have people pouring in the island, but I can't finish it because it keeps crashing.
 posted in Paradise Beach on Oct 9, 09 5:53 AM
emerance wrote:I do have engineers, but if I didn't I'd go crazy fixing everything constantly! Also, it's simply not possible that the money would never get beyond around $30,000, regardless of the engineers fixing things. And I need to have the items so that I can generate enough revenue... I think I'm just doomed to never finish this level.

On a positive note, it's a lot of fun and I love the interface! Makes me wish I really could have my very own island paradise...

See my expalnation below.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Dec 3, 08 3:39 AM
Nbihun.....You have to find the fuse. It is in a hidden object area. Go back through the rooms that you have been in to find a sparkle area.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Dec 2, 08 5:17 AM
Akelley wrote:I am SOOOO disappointed! I played the demo LOVED it and today purchased the full version. I cannot read my name as the player, there is no list of hidden objects to find, the quotes at the top are unreadable! I sent email to tech no answer, got on live chat for the first time 42 people ahead of me, waited 40 min, 2 people ahead of me, cut me off said sorry no one available!
I've been a club member for over 3 years and am extremely disappointed with BFG.
Has anyone else had this problem?

Akelley...Try changing your screen resolution. It sounds like you have it set too high and that causes the game to be too large to fit in your screen.

This is a game that you do not want to give up on!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Dec 1, 08 11:13 AM

I was a bit skeptical of buying another boring HO game. But let me tell you.....this is how a game should be made! The graphics are awesome. The sound quality is outstanding. The puzzles are terrific. The HO scenes are very well done. I think I got the deal of the season with being able to purchase this game for the price of a game club credit. How many other games that are on the market had you wished you never bought?? You will not be disappointed with this one.

While I absolutely loved the previous MCF's, Return to Ravenhearst is in an entirely different class. Yes, don't worry, there are plenty of HO scenes for all of us who just can't stop looking for hidden items. But if you like to interact with items and try to solve a mystery that is creepy and keeps you on the edge of your seat, then it is well worth the money.

It took me 12 hours to finish, but since there is no time clock (love it!), I was able to actually figure out all of the puzzles at my leisure. When I ws finished, I came to this blog section and started reading the posts. While many had game issues, I had absolutely no problems of any kind. The download/installation was very quick. I was able to Alt/Tab out of the game at any time to check emails and such and then Alt/Tab right back to the game. No crashes, lagging, stuttering,...nothing.


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