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 posted in Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies on Jun 25, 12 8:46 PM
What an atrocity. Wouldn't even consider this train wreck for $2.99.

Much too much dialog, first and foremost, It's like watching a foreign film with subtitles. Second, if you have to be psychic in order to play a game, for God's sake make the hint rechargeable, rather than having to find the stupid-**** wax seals that look nothing like the hint button. And the diary pieces are a joke.

No sparkles, no cursor changing even when you are where something needs to be done or found, no help whatsoever. The notelets are a waste of time. Graphics are nothing to write home about. All in all, not one of the better outings. I'll watch and see what the developers come up with on round 2. Not holding out much hope for them though.

If you want a great HOG with all the buzzers and bells, send me a PM and I'll recommend some.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets on Jun 19, 12 10:41 PM
Try creating a new player on the opening screen where it asks if you are......
 posted in Borgia: Faith and Fear on Apr 9, 12 6:43 PM
The lush and wonderful graphics had me hoping that I had found another gem of a game. What I found was a rock that no amount of polish will shine. Here are my main complaints, and there are many more.

First and foremost, being thrown out of the game after doing the annoying letter puzzle was bad enough, but coming back into the game and having to redo the entire bedroom/gifts/chest scenes again was a little too much. I deleted the demo of the game with 15 minutes of play left on it.

The items you are looking for in the HOG portion, after you finally find where the HOG scene is located, look nothing like the items you are supposed to find.

Instructions would be nice. Don't just repeat what the objective is when you hit Hint.

I hate games that you have to specifically follow a specific order to accomplish a task. If I see a pile of dirt and shovel, I pretty well know I'm going to have to find something in the pile of dirt. Instead, I had to search around for the "key" puzzle to get into the Medici home for 15 minutes before I could even pick up the shovel and dig to find the puzzle part in the pile of dirt.

The chest puzzle in Agastonias' room must have been programmed by a 3 year old. I have yet to figure out how to get the keys in the keyholes. No amount of clicking, dragging, trying to line up the right key with the right lock did anything. After 5 minutes I gave up and skipped the puzzle.

The developers of the game, Daedalic and the others, are usually much better than this. Hopefully this was just a hiccup and not a precursor of things to come from them.

This game went from a "must have" to a "will not buy" in 45 minutes. Let's hope this game either gets an update to fix some of the issues or the developers do better with their next offering.
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog Collector's Edition on May 13, 11 2:29 PM
crazy8club wrote:sucked. couldn't get to screen where it says either play or options. like can't get help from the sardines here or tech support. not worth ruining my new PC

It's probably a resolution configuration setting. I am betting it needs to be at least 1024 x 768 to run it. And be at a minimum of 32 Bit definition. Hope that helps.
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog Collector's Edition on May 13, 11 2:26 PM
I am sure someone has already stated this, but to me it is the BEST GAME BFG has had in a very long time.

Great graphics, neat interactive puzzles, different **** scenes than most (not every one has butterfly, spider, star...), decent music, nice voiceovers. Also nice that developers are adding widescreen as an optional setting over and above fullscreen or Window. All in all a very enjoyable game. I did get to Beta it and was quite impressed. Can't wait for the SE to come out, as it will be purchased THAT DAY!

Way to go BFG!
 posted in The Revenge on Apr 12, 11 11:55 PM
I think if you boiled down the 10 pages of reviews and comments, you MIGHT get 3 pages of positive ones. That ain't sayin much for an in-house product IMHO.
 posted in The Revenge on Apr 12, 11 11:23 PM
First I have -1 cups of honey.....uninstall, reinstall, start new game with new profile.

Now, I have made the potion and it tells me I have to find it....EXCUSE ME?

Of course, instead of letting me do anything it just lets me click on the ^*%$#ing birdbath and tells me I need a potion, which I just created and isn't in my inventory.

Only thing I have is an empty cauldron and I can't put it anywhere. WOULD YOU LIKE A COUPLE OF SUGGESTIONS??!?!?!?!!??

For a game to be out less than 2 months and to have this many problems is inexcusable. Time to pull this one off the market and rework it.

And before you ask, yes, I am running the updated version that was released on 3/29. And I meet all of the system requirements.

BTW I noticed they locked the 6 page long thread for technical issues on page 2 here.

 posted in Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty on Apr 7, 11 12:14 AM
BigCatMama wrote:
care___916 wrote:After the first match 3 game froze and I couldnt get out of game.

Hope they fix this one.

Me, too. All my bells and whistles are up-to-date and I've reinstalled the game. Very annoying!

Same here. Have now played the annoying match 3 game 4 times. Even uninstalled & reinstalled. Would love to be able to play the Airplane Hanger location.

Plenty of RAM, updated everything and top of the line graphics card. Don't think it's my computer, somehow.

C'mon [removed by moderator], get your act together or dump this puppy.
 posted in Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates on Apr 5, 11 10:56 PM
I know this is only a game, but with the atrocities inflicted upon helpless animals every day by deranged people, do you think it is wise to have electrical shock as a way to wake up the dog in the game???

C'mon folks, let's show a little restraint here! Can't you make the game enjoyable without giving some neo-Nazi skinhead ideas?

would all thank you for it.
 posted in The Revenge on Mar 27, 11 2:45 PM
Found both cups, filled them now have a -1 in my ingredient's inventory. SAY WHAT? Now I can go no further. What's up with this?
 posted in Escape from Frankenstein's Castle on Mar 21, 11 11:12 PM
Better idea BFG...FIX THE DAMN GLITCH IN THE GAME!!!! I am tired of uninstall/reinstall, run through first 4 chapters....yada yada yada. About ready to ask for a credit.
 posted in 3D Knifflis: The Whole World in 3D! on Mar 16, 11 6:36 PM
I am about 75% of the way through the demo and have my first 3D picture. How can I get the 3D glasses to view it properly?

If I purchase the game does BFG or the developer actually send me a pair. I like the game, but not sure I would buy it without the 3D glasses, as that is what makes the game unique. Not crazy about one of the mini games, but that wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. The glasses may be however.

 posted in Elizabeth Find MD: Diagnosis Mystery on Jan 22, 11 8:53 PM
I demoed House MD last night with great expectations and was sorely disappointed, so tonight I tried this one, hoping for better results. NOT! Why do game developers always feel the need for timed minigames and then make them almost impossible to get through? I played this on relaxed, which apparently means the HOG part is not timed, but everything else is.

As for the banter.....blah blah blah. You just want to smack the shite out of the head doctor after about 3 minutes. Then there's the orderly with the attitude problem.

HOG portion was also annoying as well. DEVELOPERS: for God's sake do not make the HOs so blessedly indescernable that you have to go "THAT was a (insert item here) and the "click area" 2 pixels large. I had to click on one of the dry markers 9 TIMES in order for it to recognize it.

And nothing in the game even remotely resembles a real medical situation.

So all in all, Elizabeth Find MD should be pronounced DOA, because it certainly is no find.
 posted in House, M.D. on Jan 21, 11 10:20 PM
Tinker44 wrote:Not for me... no way. I don't watch House, but I get the gist of the characterizations... voice-overs might have been better than dry text dialogue that you have to click through.

As for gameplay, I managed to get to the blood centrifuge and that was the deal breaker. Mini-games were challenging, which I don't mind, usually... but there was no excitement about them. Click on floating diagnoses to play hangman was boring the first time, but 4 or more go-rounds? The biopsy was a challenge, but doable (just)... but then they hit you with the blood centrifuge and no amount of spinning was getting the rpms into the green zone. If there was only one spinner I might have managed... but 3? Nope. When a minigame super-frustrates you it puts a real negative over the whole game. I gave up after 23 minutes and won't give it a second thought.

And here I was so excited to see *something* other than another darned IHOG!

I agree completely with everything stated here. For such a cool show, a game based on it had so many great possibilities. It's a shame none of them are in the game. I hate timers to start with, but when you are given impossible mini games to complete not once, not twice but three times, then make the amount of time to complete them reasonable. I managed to make it through 40 minutes of the demo before hitting the trash can button.

The larynoscopy was bad enough, but the centrifuge was downright ridiculous. If you have a regular mouse, your arms aren’t 8 feet long and your mousepad is smaller than the wing of a 747, you have no chance in Hades of ever completing it.

As for other things I hated about the game, the music was annoying and the "sound effects" are just, for the lack of a better word, nasty.

The character graphics were awesome and I agree that the patter was a tad juvenile, but you can't make it but so R-rated that no one buys it. Although I thought the banter about Cutty's big box in her office was fairly spot on for the show's type of dialogue.

I’ll keep watching the show, but as for the game, it has already been cancelled.
 posted in Wisegal on Jan 7, 11 3:06 PM
Unfortunately I wasted a freebie coupon on this travesty. Now I know why I never heard of the movie. If it was half as abysmal as the game, it should never have been made.

My main complaints, of which there are many, are the following five (some spoiler alerts here, so be forewarned).

1) How many bugging devices or photographs do you need at any one location? One or two I can see, but eight or ten...REALLY?

2) I HATE SPOT THE DIFFERENCE GAMES. To have to do one in every third scene is annoying. The mini games are dull and repetitious beyond belief.

3) The items you are trying to find are a) microscopic and b) look nothing like what they are supposed to be. Keys are simply little blobs.

4) I hate having to click "NEXT" every time a character says something. Just make it that I can click the screen and move on.

5) And this is what irritated me the most I think. Lack of great graphics. This game had such great possibilities. But to keep going back to the same 5 locations OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.....well you get my point, was just mind numbing.

All in all, I'm sorry I wasted a free game on it, but I would have really hated wasting a Game Club Credit on it. If you want a reallly cool HOG game with lots of great mini-games, this isn't it, so save your money.
 posted in Lost in Time: The Clockwork Tower on Jan 6, 11 9:08 PM
mintjulelip wrote:I must say that the game is beautifully done; nice graphics, interesting story, music is ok but that's about where the kudos stop. Without giving away any spoilers, there are several things I found not to my liking with this game:

The watch mechanics (or the way it's used & when it's used) leave something to be desired. It's not always clear exactly what you need to do.

The hint feature is basically useless. You're better off using the walk-through. The only time the hint is actually beneficial is when you're looking for those tiny currency items.

There is a LOT of dialogue to click through and when you have to click, click, click after each sentence, it gets annoying & time consuming.

I have removed parts of mintjuleps post to save room. I have left the parts I agree with whole-heartedly.

I personally would like to add that I never, in the 48 minutes of the demo I played, ever got to spend any of the currency I got. As a matter of fact, I could never get past the Toy Store/General Store scene. Hint? Why bother. Same droll answer from the stupid protaganist every time. This one went on the reject list after 48 minutes. And it had such great possibilities.
 posted in Tamara the 13th on Dec 30, 10 8:52 PM
Played the demo and was not impressed. Graphics are a disaster, mini-puzzles are confusing, hidden objects impossible to find without hints....all in all about as much fun as a root canal without anesthesia. Definitely went into the "rejects" side of my ever-growing spreadsheet.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 26, 10 10:52 PM
bababebe wrote:i'm done with the game. i am curious though where the snow shoes should be used,,, i checked the walkthrough and i dont know if i just missed it but i did not see where it was supposed to be used

I thought they were for the rabbit. You know, snowshoe hare? Also wondered about the shoes hanging in the tree. Never could get the pesky things down.
 posted in Becky Brogan: The Mystery of Meane Manor on Oct 20, 10 12:32 AM
Can play it fine in Window mode, but get "Unsupported Video Signal" in full screen mode. And Window mode is WAY too small to see anything. Just installed new 9400 Graphics card and 2G of RAM, so I know that's not the problem.
 posted in Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child on Oct 16, 10 10:57 PM
I absolutely loved #1 and #2 of this series (haven't played #4 yet), but I absolutely DETESTED this one. If you like sequence memory puzzles and mazes, this is the game for you, because that is all there is to this long and tedious waste of money. I personally hate both of these types of challenges. And if you think trying to map the mazes will work, forget it. Not sure what dimension this place is in, but the maze shape shifts everytime you try to map it. I had to use the walkthrough for 80% of the game.

I am hoping that #4 is better and closer to the first 2.
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