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 posted in 7 Wonders of the World on Dec 31, 08 9:29 AM
yes doesn't work at all. Is it an active X thing?
 posted in Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife on Dec 22, 08 12:45 PM
 posted in Call of Atlantis on Dec 17, 08 1:23 PM
80 days latest atlantis, no game, and a load more. Sometime BFG drives me mad. DX all ok. AAAARRRGGGHHH
 posted in Time Quest on Dec 14, 08 11:53 AM
Thanks for the tip!!! I had been stuck on level 58 since October and just wouldn't give up. It still took some effort but I got there in the end. That must have been the best match three ever, great value, and amazingly addictive. HA! Thanks!!!
 posted in Redrum ™ on Dec 2, 08 1:03 PM
horror? what horror? the horror for me is how easy and unchallenging it is. ok but fairly dull.. good effects... but .. sigh.
 posted in Redrum ™ on Dec 2, 08 10:38 AM
A question, why does noone ever to bother to answer each other properlly on these forums? Bah
 posted in Time Quest on Nov 19, 08 11:12 AM
That blinking HA! will haunt me forever
 posted in Time Quest on Nov 19, 08 11:10 AM
AM STUCK ON 58 HEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPP and can't stop playing, beeen playing 58 so long can't remember 40... sorry, will have a go and fill you in, you just have to go go go as i remember. Bah! I love it and can play for hours, much to the sadness of family and cat!! he he he that's why I work. ; )
 posted in Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife on Nov 19, 08 11:05 AM
Despite doing all the things that were suggested another duff game, totally hacked off and have lost a credit hoping that if i owned it it would perform. My mindless relaxation has caused me to want to kill... again.
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