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 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 12, 18 6:15 AM
Please help!

This morning I have lost all progress in the game.
It has also lost my profile pic, so it MAY just be a (even worse than usual) Fb connection error, but I don't see enough people complaining for that ...?

I have tried leave & reloading.
Shut down gameroom completely & restarted
Gone through tutorial
Nothing is working, don't know how to get my progress back

Was going to delete the downloaded game in Gameroom but wasn't sure if that would delete just the download or actually remove it from my Fb a/c so didn't take the risk.

This is all on my PC (win8 I think, might be 7) Not tried on my tablet - instaled the game on there about 10 days ago & it never loaded just hung

Any ideas? Am so stressed about a stupid game it's silly LOL
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