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 posted in Weird Park: Scary Tales on Dec 12, 12 7:47 AM
It took a long time to download then when it was done and i tried to play the game it said my time has expired.
 posted in Golden Trails 3: The Guardian's Creed on Dec 5, 12 7:21 AM
I really like this game, it is simple to play and fun. Thanks
 posted in Luxor Evolved on Mar 2, 12 1:44 PM
I think it is the game to, i downloaded it from another site and got the same error message.
 posted in Luxor Evolved on Mar 1, 12 6:46 AM
I can't play the game. error: Access violation at 0x004DC723. ( tried to read from 0x03D0DF18) program terminated.
 posted in The Revenge on Mar 23, 11 5:09 AM
I Love the game!!!!
 posted in The Revenge on Mar 23, 11 5:03 AM
I Love this game !!!!!
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jun 12, 10 7:00 AM
I like this game also but i am already stuck trying to find the contact lens case .
but i will keep looking.
 posted in Romancing the Seven Wonders: Taj Mahal on Feb 20, 10 5:51 AM
OH and by the way i was not crazy about the game but that's just my opinion
 posted in Romancing the Seven Wonders: Taj Mahal on Feb 20, 10 5:49 AM
I agree Kalavinka i love to go to forums and read what people have to say about games.,but i think a lot of things are getting out of hand. Some people can't see very well so they use caps,i don't see anything wrong with that.People need to quit sweating the small stuff ,life is to short.just say what you have to about a game whether it is in caps,red color or blue what difference does it really make?
 posted in Romancing the Seven Wonders: Taj Mahal on Feb 19, 10 5:34 AM
Why are games starting to show you where hidden objects are with sparkles?
I don't understand that.
 posted in Nick Chase and the Deadly Diamond on Jan 29, 10 6:09 AM
I have played 45 minutes and love the game , i have not had any problems.
 posted in 1001 Nights: The Adventures of Sindbad on Jan 28, 10 1:14 PM
I take it personally because of the name calling.It's un called for.Everyone does have a right to post their opinions but not the right to call people names.
 posted in 1001 Nights: The Adventures of Sindbad on Jan 28, 10 5:33 AM
I agree with you nykellie. There is no excuss for name calling, and i don't appreciate it Just because we say how we feel about a game is no reason to call us names. This is the place to put the pros and cons about the games whether we like them or not. You can say how you feel Patnsky without calling people names.
 posted in 1001 Nights: The Adventures of Sindbad on Jan 28, 10 4:18 AM
Why would someone make a HIDDEN OBJECT game and SHOW you where the HIDDEN OBJECTS are? DUH!!!!!! I' m sorry i just can't get over this.
 posted in Romance of Rome on Oct 25, 09 6:54 AM
I Love this game
 posted in Magic Academy II on Oct 2, 09 2:22 PM
You can skip the dialog if you press your esc button a window comes up and says skip dialog click on it. i really like the game
 posted in Mystery Age: The Imperial Staff on Aug 20, 09 7:39 AM
I love this type of hidden object games these are my favorites
 posted in The Blackwell Convergence on Aug 13, 09 4:58 AM
I downloaded this game but could not play it.something about graphics mode 640x400 failed to create direct 3D device.Does anyone have any ideal what this means?
 posted in 3Tones on Aug 3, 09 3:07 PM
I thought the game was really different & i enjoyed playing it . I didn't like the music so i put my own music on & that made it more enjoyable.
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light on Jul 10, 09 8:32 AM
Thank You Highlandmax
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