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I've played the trial and purchased the game. When I try to play I'm getting a message saying 'Security key required' I've never across this. Can anyone make any suggestions?
 posted in PuppetShow: The Curse of Ophelia Collector's Edition on Feb 6, 18 2:59 PM
Thank you, vortexhealer. I did what you said and got past that part.
 posted in Harrowed Halls: Hell's Thistle on Nov 28, 17 2:10 AM
wheelie27 wrote:Do you know where the 3rd Wantley Figurine is I could only Find 2 out of the 3

Did you find it? I had it first time around but now I've started again I've lost it!!
 posted in Harrowed Halls: Hell's Thistle on Nov 27, 17 3:48 AM
LizzyS69 wrote:Hi, did you get an answer to this. I am stuck in the same place!!

Got it. When you get the locket from whatshername at the hospital, open it and press the address, you automatically jump to the house.
 posted in Harrowed Halls: Hell's Thistle on Nov 27, 17 3:37 AM
LizzyS69 wrote:Hi, did you get an answer to this. I am stuck in the same place!!

No I'm still in there! I've searched the walkthrough and can't find it in there. You'd think it would be so simple it wouldn't need to be included there though. Now I know it's just me being stupid I'll create a new profile and try again!
 posted in Harrowed Halls: Hell's Thistle on Nov 24, 17 12:09 PM
I played the trial of the CE version of this game but decided to wait for the SE so I'm starting again. I can't get out of the hospital ward........
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Cursed Gift Collector's Edition on Aug 25, 17 5:59 AM
I've still got the green and yellow bottles and I can't for the life of me get them to go into place. Am I missing a trick? I've got the right order and all the other bottles are in place....
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Cursed Gift Collector's Edition on Aug 25, 17 5:49 AM
RasmusB wrote:There is a bug in the game where you have to shoot the dwarf, I have hit him MORE than 10 times, but only 2 of the 10 times i got him is shown. Please fix this.

It took me a while to're not shooting the dwarf. It's the knives you're blocking!!
 posted in Grim Tales: Graywitch Collector's Edition on Feb 4, 17 2:09 PM
gb2839 wrote:I think there may be a glitch in the game here. AFTER picking up the bracelet from the mini-game and going back to the "present", I accidentally clicked on the "device" that would send me back to the same scene, and I am now told to pick up the bracelet -- and there clearly is no bracelet to pick up! Not sure how to get out of this, except to reset and run through the game again. I've had to do this a couple of times already, when I missed picking up puzzle pieces and have been unable to get back to the location to pick them up.

I've done the same thing and agree that you have to be careful to avoid clicking on the device. I'll now have to set up and play in a 3rd profile to pick up all the puzzles pieces/morphing etc. It shouldn't be so hard though to work out that there is something NOT to do to progress. Sorry about caps - not shouting, just emphasising.
 posted in Grim Tales: Graywitch Collector's Edition on Feb 4, 17 11:57 AM
I'm having the same problem. I got the bracelet and took it to the lab. I've now got back a mould with time to the cliff, all I get is "take the bracelet".
 posted in Grim Facade: The Red Cat Collector's Edition on Oct 22, 16 4:49 AM
Valdy wrote:As it says in the SG, you have to click on each owl in the line-up you see on the paper, from left to right and top to bottom. I too was confused at first, but the SG explained to me how to do it. Don't try to open both wings for one owl, but click on each one once all the way through, and then click on the eyes.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, I just clicked around and it worked! I was trying to open both wings on each owl.
 posted in Grim Facade: The Red Cat Collector's Edition on Oct 22, 16 4:11 AM
I can't work out how to do the owl puzzle.
Can anyone help. The strategy guide just seems to show that the eyes light up when it's done.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: The Axiom Butcher Collector's Edition on Apr 30, 16 3:50 AM
Back in the car. Found fuel and filled lighter. Got the newspapers. When I click on the lighter it's lit but if I try to use it says 'there's no fuel'. Anyone got any ideas?

Using Windows 10
Thanks for your advice everyone. I went back to the boat and searched everywhere. I had to uninstall and reinstall and create a new profile. I went through the whole game again and lo and behold - there were 3 sails at the boat! Finished the main game now.
It's still annoying that is yet another game with a glitch. Seems to be that games are being released before they are thouroughly checked and debugged.

Thanks anyway fellow fishies.
 posted in Love Chronicles: Beyond the Shadows Collector's Edition on Apr 11, 16 12:36 AM
I've used the two sails that are beside the ship and cut out one in the tailors workshop. I can't find a way to get a fourth sail. The SG isn't helping me with this one - can any fishies swim to my rescue please?
 posted in Phantasmat: Town of Lost Hope Collector's Edition on Apr 9, 16 2:39 AM
I've clicked everywhere in the sandbox and I cannot find where to get the sand to put in the timer.......HELP.......
 posted in Mountain Trap 2: Under the Cloak of Fear on Mar 15, 16 4:04 AM
The game appears to be running all right but there is no sound...all the setting are OK. I'm using the headphones and can hear everything else. Any ideas please?

 posted in Mysteries of the Past: Shadow of the Daemon on Feb 17, 16 2:15 AM
I know I need the saw to get a branch to get a key but I can't break the vase. Hint keeps taking me outside to the man but he's got nothing else for me. Where do I get into this circle please?
 posted in Showing Tonight: Mindhunters Incident on Oct 20, 15 2:41 AM
I've got to the swamp. I'm only carrying the ticket stub and the rope I've been carting along forever. I can see the y-branch to use as a catapult but not the elastic band for it. I've not got anything to cut the ivy. Can see the game parts in the crack in the floor.

Hint keeps taking me back to the boat thingy where the bolts are screwed tight.

Can anyone save a poor little guppy from floundering please??
 posted in Dark Dimensions: Shadow Pirouette Collector's Edition on Oct 6, 15 12:54 AM
I'm playing on a standard setting and still can't finish the sledgehammer. I don't feel like playing the whole game again just to get one scene to work.
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