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 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on Mar 24, 18 1:48 PM
the same thing has happened to my game as well. Invisible bunny with !!! floating above and no where to click to capture it...
 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on Jan 18, 18 4:58 PM
erika_kramer1 wrote:
Lizm44 wrote:Game won't load......AGAIN.

We're aware of the situation and we're looking into it.

 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on Aug 2, 17 5:07 PM
I fished up the Scuba Helmet just now with one try. Not sure why it worked.
 posted in Free the Witch on Jun 29, 16 12:01 PM
Thanks for the illustrations, this was by far the most confusing level I have encountered so far, love this game, but I had a hard time with knowing which way was up!
 posted in Moai II: Path to Another World on May 18, 15 5:34 PM
Thanks pinkrollsroyce, I too was stuck on finding all the starfish and totally forgot about the water tower. Thanks for the reminder
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding on May 12, 15 4:16 PM
Thank you.. Now I see it in the curb drain! I thought it was the grating on the front of the ice cream machine.. Doh!
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season on Apr 10, 15 6:59 PM
still working on trying to achieve gold. I can't seem to even get close to 1:35 time, best time i've gotten is 2:15
 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on Apr 5, 15 7:00 PM
I'm assuming that depending on how far in the game you are directly relates to how many "eggs" you can actually find.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Honeymoon Cruise on Apr 1, 15 12:39 AM
excellent advice janette5, thank you. It is much easier to look for the mouse when the game is in "pause".
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Honeymoon Cruise on Apr 1, 15 12:32 AM
click on the floating camera to take a picture
 posted in Northern Tale 4 on Nov 19, 14 12:02 PM
Thanks for the info BlueStarFish, I would never have figured that out
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Aug 15, 14 7:56 PM
please feel free to add me as well! coded 3808
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Apr 25, 14 1:23 PM
nope, can't sell your old stuff, you can just "store" it and replace with an upgrade
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Apr 12, 13 10:38 PM

What a great idea! I never thought of doing that to try to achieve this one. Thanks for sharing euphoria
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Apr 12, 13 12:14 PM
Thank you game developers for the "daily bonus"! Great addition to an already extremely addictive game (and thanks for the new updates and more quests)
Love this game!
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess III on Aug 31, 11 10:27 AM
What a pleasant Wed. morning surprise! Can hardly wait to play it.!!!.
 posted in Pioneer Lands on Aug 19, 11 3:55 PM
SZumchak wrote:FIGURED IT OUT!!!

Good luck, fishies!!!

thank you for the above tips in getting gold on this level SZumchak
 posted in Pioneer Lands on Aug 13, 11 10:50 AM
ditto for me on all positive reviews. Love this game. Developers are listening when we say we like looooooonnnnnnnggg game play. 99 levels!! wow!
 posted in Hidden Object Movie Studios: I'll Believe You on Aug 3, 11 1:18 PM
I must agree with the majority of the views on this thread. This game just doesn't seem worth the time or money. I did try to stay awake through it until the demo was up. I just don't get the point of this HOG. Among the many aforementioned annoying things about this game, I found it just moved waaaayyyy too slow. I found myself yelling at the computer screen to "Hurry up and check off the object that I found already so I-CAN-MOVE-ON!!!"....... game was uninteresting, tedious, dull, dreary, mind-numbing, tiresome, lackluster, unexciting, monotonous, repetitive, wearisome, humdrum, uninspiring, bland........zzzzzzzzzz... (you get the picture)
 posted in Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas on Jun 6, 11 12:20 PM
a million thank yous for this tip on getting gold JVC0119!!, I've been trying different combos for days!
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