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add me to the list on the bonus game, that is a bummer! I am ok on my updates, so what is wrong?
 posted in Dark Parables: The Final Cinderella Collector's Edition on May 26, 13 10:50 AM
Bought the game without trying Demo, but it was very good till I got to the bonus game and Cannot get the rivet, it fell off the cabinet into a dark place I guess. Bummer, this is the second game that I've bought that I couldn't complete the bonus games. This is really discouraging to those of us who like the bonus. OK BF get a patch I hope!
 posted in Flux Family Secrets: The Book of Oracles on Jun 30, 12 3:42 PM
I'm having trouble with the game fitting the screen. Big wide space on right and jammed up on the left. Loved the first two, hope this gets fixed soon. Brand new computer so can't be me!
 posted in Natural Threat: Ominous Shores on Feb 26, 12 12:30 PM
white boxes, no sound, no buy today!!!!!!!
 posted in Shattered Minds: Masquerade Collector's Edition on Nov 27, 11 3:19 PM
Got the old error access thing again, Played the intro and then get the error. This game looks so good! Why BF can't I play????? Hope a fix comes soon!
Me too Kam, I have been waiting for this game since last year!!!!So disappointed, tells me I can't play because of my card, I have intel and the best I can tell is that it cannot be upgraded. Anyone else with any solutions?? I guess I'll have to ask Santa for a new computer!!!
 posted in Guardians of Beyond: Witchville on Nov 16, 11 5:40 PM
OK tomorrow's game says trial is over. What's up with that?????
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition on Oct 20, 11 2:32 PM
Will not let me pound the blue stone! I hope I'm not the only one with this issue!!!! Love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well another ERS game that runs slo------------------------------------------------wwwww! I guess we are all such a small group of folks that can't play the ERS games, that they don't give a rip! Shame too, their games are good or so I've heard! Not that I could play them without pulling my hair out. I played the Green slime game, so really don't understand why this is happening!
 posted in 4 Elements II on Oct 10, 11 8:30 PM
Tried for fourth time, very hopeful, but it was a no go. Got to Pegasus and sends me right back to the GM! So disappointed, really loved the first and wanted to play this one!
 posted in 4 Elements II on Sep 30, 11 6:04 PM
Just want to play the game!!!!! Loved the first, waiting for 2 and will not play. I.m just fussing to anyone who will listen!!!!!
 posted in 4 Elements II on Sep 30, 11 6:01 PM
I just wish I could play the game!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in 4 Elements II on Sep 28, 11 1:10 PM
OK, it's day 2 and still can't play the game. Uninstalled, nothing but the same, get to peagasus and it's back to the game manager, no error message or nothing! So disappointed!!!! The first one played why not this one!!!!! Same computer!!!!!!
 posted in 4 Elements II on Sep 28, 11 12:48 PM
After the hog the screen should go to Pegasus book and at the bottom should be the green start button. Hope yours' will work AS MINE WILL NOT!!!! I so wanted to play this game as I loved the first one!!!!! Bummer and it suks!!!!!!!
 posted in 4 Elements II on Sep 27, 11 6:54 PM
I've been waiting for this game, but guess what? I get to Pegasus, push start and it sends me right back to the Game Manager!!! Please get this fixed, I love this game!!!
 posted in Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition on Sep 21, 11 10:59 AM
This game looks like a lot of fun, BUT-------It runs slow. Is this an ERS game? Ok wish it would play right! Has anyone else had a problem with it being slow? I'm going to download again and see if it is better.
Why is it that I usually only have issues with the ERS games? I loved the Puppet series, but on the last one I had a constipated game!!!!! It is so frustating!!!!! Looks like a good game, but a no brainer for me!!!! Wish they would tell us ahead of time , I wouldn't waste my time downloading an ERS game!!!!! Poot!
 posted in Empress of the Deep 2: Song of the Blue Whale on Jul 12, 11 1:50 PM
Well this is a no buy for me. PINK flashing screen kind of makes you sea sick! So disappointed that I couldn't play, Couldn't play CE either! Thought they might fix it, guess there wasn't enough of us fussing to matter! Have a great day everyone!!!!!
 posted in Timeless: The Forgotten Town Collector's Edition on Jul 10, 11 7:22 PM
Game was very slow!!!!! I changed the cursor but no help!!! Seemed like a fun game, but in the demo I only got to the 3rd train car. The puzzle with the gears took forever, then my time was up. A long drawn out hour!!!!!! OK my fault should've just quit!!!!! What's up BF!!!!!! The games lately either don't run or they have syrup for speed!!!!!
 posted in Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice Collector's Edition on Jun 27, 11 6:04 PM
So wanted to play this game!!!!! Why are the ERS games so blasted slooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!! It took forever just to get the gate unlocked! Finally gave up-----no buy for me!!!!!! Shame love the ERS games, they have a problem, but I guess they don't care!!!!!! First game in a while that I haven't been able to play!!!!!! Have a great day!!!!!!
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