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 posted in Puzzle Quest 2 on Sep 26, 10 2:15 PM
I am not much of a RPG and I bought this one sight unseen, thinking it was the sequel to another game.

What a fortuitous mistake. I have been playing this for about 20 hours so far and have not finished with the first character. I am on level 26 - no idea how many there might be for each persona. I am playing the easy quest mode.

Great graphics, story, game-play, and characters (both good and evil), and some really nice features like the portal so I can go back and upgrade my gear whenever I want.

The monsters are widely varied and each type has a different set of strengths. This makes the M3 portions much more intense as your strategy has to change based on your opponent.

The only con for me so far is that it is REALLY hard to break away - just one more battle, then one more, then one more, and the next things I know it is 3:00am.

Fantastic game - no regrets at all.
 posted in Skymist - The Lost Spirit Stones on Jul 5, 10 12:36 PM
euphoria wrote:
Love the graphics; rather than filling a scene with objects that look like they came from 10 different sources (ie, some photorealistic and others cartoony), they have drawn every object and every scene.

Oh so true. I am enjoying the quality of the graphics on this more than any recent game. I am on a 30" screen (for graphics work really, but quite nice for games ) and everything is pin sharp and clear. A lot of work went into this. And I do concur that it is CGI not hand drawn as suggested by another reviewer.

euphoria wrote:
The characters (at least the three I've interacted with so far) are compelling and believable and I absolutely love "my" end of the dialogue with them; most of what I've said to them so far is what I would say in real life! (Well, after all, I'm saving the kingdom; I don't have time to deal with petty, self-important twits!.

I was a little worried when I was ask to find blush and lipstick, but I should not have been. This character is much like me too

A rare /
 posted in Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington on Jun 19, 10 6:21 PM
Thanks for some very good reviews up there fishies!

I was on the fence about this one, but now I am going to jump into the pond.

I do like straight HOGs and that is pretty much what this is, with a few new twists (such as finding the object from the dialogue). Not overly challenging but for me a nice change of pace.

I do not think this is a "junk pile" - but that could be defined many ways. When I think "junk pile" I think of items the wrong size and in impossible places (a giant pink tricycle on the ceiling). There is a lot of stuff cluttering up the scenes, but these folks are still living in the Victorian-era homes. I did not feel any of the objects were too small or too camouflaged.

Lucy is a spunky, fearless character, as she is in the book. I know how it ends but that won't bother me.

Just as Miss Marple does, I can appreciate a mystery to while away an afternoon.
 posted in The Inquisitor on May 31, 10 8:01 AM
Thank you luckylocet, Rage74 and scarlet_11dy6 for the great comments.

Your reviews are exactly the kind I need to decide whether to spend my time on this game or not.
 posted in Faded Reality on May 30, 10 3:53 PM
Just because you don't know a word, don't assume the developers are idiots.

"Spoon" is well known amongst golfers as an old fashioned name for a specific club - as noted by two commenters above. Before you get in a huff, check a dictionary or the internet to see if perhaps there is something in this world you do not yet know. And learn something new. YAY!

And please read the other reviews and comments before you spout-off on something that has already been answered over and over again (game saving, word usage in this case).

And do not recommend people don't even bother demo-ing. As is clear from this thread, opinions very, as do likes and dislikes. If you don't like "find the differences" say "if you dislike 'find the differences' as much as I do, this game is probably not for you as I came across 4 in the half hour I played" not "This is a horrible game. What's up BFG?" The latter is totally useless to readers and contributes nothing to the conversation.

I always read the reviews for games I am thinking of buying or am at least on the fence about. But there are so many useless posts in the reviews forums, I spend about four times as long as I should trying to find out what others think. Have something to say about the game that will help others evaluate whether to buy or not? GREAT, pitch in. But just want to hear you own voice (or see your own words, I suppose) SHUT UP. No one else cares.

/end rant/

PS. I am an admin on another (non-game) site that prides itself on helpful, positive, friendly forums. BFG forums could be much more closely moderated without losing one iota of the community support feeling in the forums.
 posted in Amazing Pyramids on May 30, 10 12:00 PM
I had been saving this game as I really love word games and not too many are on offer (I LOVE WordZen for example). I like the mechanics and the gameplay in this one.

But the misleading categories (I learned to just ignore them as they only confused me) and some of the "words" which are really slang (bio, mem) put me off. And once I saw the animal that started with "ss" I almost gave up and quite right there.

I lost at level 2 or 3 half a dozen times before I figured out that you have to use the "solve now" token to gain back any appreciable life. After that I made it through to level 5 or 6 before I ran out.

This would probably be a great game if, as requested above, there was a slower pace mode (not easier words, but a recharging or nonexistent life force). It would probably be just right for me if the life force refilled every level as an option. even if it started a little lower.

I don't mind unfamiliar words, but at dictionary 40% level, I would expect to recognize all of the words as I do have a very extensive vocabulary. I wonder what the challenge would be at the fourth quarter of the puzzle.

Sadly, disappointing.

ps. I did try the classic mode but it is not challenging enough. I like building on prior levels' success.
 posted in Zuma's Revenge - Adventure on May 23, 10 1:12 PM
You're right!
Now I know if I am ever summoned to fight Egyptian fiends of the netherworld I can quickly pack my mask, wrench, teddy bear and other "needful" HOG-list vitals and save the world by shooting my psychodelic frog

HA! HA! You can call me to join to posse. I am sure I can find my light bulb, bat and cane.
 posted in Zuma's Revenge - Adventure on May 22, 10 3:06 PM
YAY!!! I used to play an early version of this from PopCap games, but it does not work with high res monitors and graphics accelerations. So, I was thrilled to see this here!!

All concerns about Zuma losing its attitude were dispelled during the load sequence: "Wondering who underwear this is" cracked me up.

Fun game - I am though 2 of territories and have not missed on any yet. I am guessing that is due to my historical addiction to Zuma. The boss battles are a nice twist.

I wish there was a high scores Hall of Fame - just the single best performance here.

But it is the Zuma I loved with hugely improved graphics.

Thank you BFG and PopCap!

 posted in Journalist Journey: The Eye of Odin on May 22, 10 2:20 PM
I just finished the whole game - it is one of the longest I have played yet and you do not repeat many scenes. Later in the game you return to most scenes to pick up one item to use in another part of the game - but one item per scene and it sparkles when you pass over it.

Yes, some of the objects are HARD to find, but not because they are too dark or too small, but because they are very well concealed. I did us the hints more than usual and it was almost always "damn, I should have seen that!"

This is a bit of a garbage pile HOG, but none of the dreaded over or undersized items, at least in my memory/

I enjoyed the game the more I proceeded. The story is one of the most cohesive and complete I can remember in a HOG. And as an early reviewer noted, it is so nice not to have a bimbo as the lead female character. Cathy does not wear cropped shirts or do really really stupid things.

I had the clock hands problem, but started with a new player name and had no further technical issues.


I knew from the first encounter that Peter was bad news - he reminds of a guy I used to work with who was no good either
 posted in Mystery Cruise on May 13, 10 12:15 PM
I am curious why so many people post here in the "comments and review" forum if they have already decided they are not even going to download and try the game. Not checking it out is fine: I can tell by many game descriptions they are not for me, but I do not feel the need to tell the world that I am not going to play. That you played 5 minutes and deleted does not tell me anything useful either. The only comments I care at all about are from who actually played the game - at least gave it a fighting chance.
/end rant/

OK, this one:
ABSOLUTELY stupid girl and story line. I am with the guy above who said he would chuck her overboard. Totally clueless - even more than most game characters.

Graphics are nice and clear. I had no problems picking out most items. No problems with the hint for the few I did not find on my own. The first couple of scenes were nice and bright but after that there were a fair number of dark corners. Pretty easy hidden objects. Items in drawers, boxes, etc. are highlighted, so you know they will not be in the main scene.

Less of a junk pile than many - MOST of the items were credible in the locations. Not all, but most. I like having the paint chipped in the shape of a seahorse or spade - that was a clever touch.

Fairly easy mini-games. The fading pink piano keys were nice - there are toooooo many keys on a piano to remember without some kind of hint. I got a little frustrated with the light bulbs on the third go round until I understood that they would not necessarily go on the third level (doh!).

Length - if the poster above is right there are five souls, this would be a long one for me since in the hour demo I did not even get one!

But, even with the decent technical aspects the game really did not hold my attention. I have not finished Deadtime Stories yet as it is not such a good one to play in daylight with its dark scenes. I would MUCH rather be playing that than this silly story.

So, no sale for me, but I can understand that this would be exactly the right cup of tea for some players.

 posted in 3 Cards to Dead Time on Feb 28, 10 12:16 PM
I finished the demo because some games start out with a lot of story and not much game to get you grounded. This one continued with more story than game through the whole hour.

You CAN adjust the sound level - but you have wait until you are actually in the game. Very odd. Music and effect blaring in my house until 5 minutes in. Weird.

If the story were all together at the start of each card section AND you could click through after reading the dialogue (without listening to it all), it would probably be OK because the story is pretty good. But I am guessing I was in story mode at least 70% of the time - should be more like 20% story and 80% game.

I too liked the connections approach. Too bad it wasn't in a game with better design.
 posted in Sarah Maribu and the Lost World on Feb 14, 10 8:31 AM
This is a wonderful game.

* NO REPEAT scenes - that's right: 25 levels without a single repeat!
* Lovely illustrated scenes
* No murder or mayhem
* Scenes are well lit
* Hints are generous, if you need them
* Interaction is easily understood, but you are not lead by the hand
* Nice long game play: over 3 hours for me. Few games are more than 2 for me.
* Hidden items are fair - no tricks

* Music is only mediocre
* Story is disjointed at times, but at least there is a plot that reaches a conclusion.
* Replay will have to be at intervals as the interactive items play a big part and will not change.

It is not a hard game, but I played it straight through and did not have a minute's boredom due to the great graphics and constant new scenes. I was apprehensive because of the picture hints, but I easily adjusted.

 posted in Matchmaker: Joining Hearts on Feb 11, 10 1:12 PM
Not my game either but it definitely fits the bill for those looking for something less creepy than most games seem to be these days.

The concept is not bad but none of these people seem like people I would have any interest in meeting. They are all just paper cutouts with no back story. And let's get a mix of younger and older people. 35 isn't old but it is the youngest person I encountered in 4 matches.

The "gifts" for the first dates are just creepy - that hideous hat and the kitchy seashell ship. Who gives an ancient Myan mask as a gift on a first date? Be realistic - there are appropriate gifts but none of these are them.

The whole games feels a bit socially awkward and dowdy to me. It might have been fun if it was people I would be interested in, but none of these matches intrigue me at all. Sorry.

No technical issues and the pointing cupid is cute.

 posted in Penny Dreadfuls™ Sweeney Todd on Feb 9, 10 7:34 PM
Hi sketchygirl-
There is a Blog Walkthrough link on the game page (probably here in the forum too but I found it on the game page). I got stuck once during the demo and checked the walkthrough - and it set me free.

I don't use the walkthroughs unless I am absolutely stuck, as I was in this case.

In this game you can move back and forth between the scenes with the map to use or discover new items - a feature I like a lot. That adds a little interest to otherwise linear games for me. But sometimes I am not sure where I am supposed to be!
 posted in Lost Secrets: Ancient Mysteries on Jan 31, 10 8:26 PM
Depending on what you are looking for this could be just the game for you. It is not dark. The objects are not so tiny you can never find them. It has lots of hints. You don't have to tromp back and forth from room to room looking for god knows what to open something you never heard of. The graphics are decent but not anything special. The Pharaoh with the tennis shoes did make me laugh.

If you want a straightforward HOG that you can play when you are tired or just want to relax, this might be for you.

I played the full hour, read all of the dialog and all of the journal entries. I finished about half of the chapters. But I will say chapter 4 and 5 each had one more scene than the proceeding 3, and I do not know if they get even longer.

Things I did not like: the use of signs of the zodiac as objects. It just struck me wrong in in an Egyptian themed game (symbols like the Eye of Osiris were much more appropriate). Some minor factual errors (Thebes and Luxor are not the same city - they are across the river from each other). The ridiculous story line (no archeological dig would proceed anything like that nor would finds be transported before extensive studies had been done in situ). I have come to accept the last point as the norm in games however, much to my despair.

Overall, too easy for me. If the other aspects were of higher caliber I could probably put up with the easy pace. But certainly not a disastrous game as some above seem to think (even if they have never played it).

My rating:
 posted in The Mysterious City: Vegas on Jan 16, 10 3:50 PM
HA! Now, I read the comments that this one has been around for awhile. As I was playing, I kept thinking how the style and quality seemed like something that could have come out a few years ago. And now I see it did!

Extremely poor graphics quality. Tedious repetitive hidden objects. Horrible find the differences. Boring casino games - how can you manage THAT!

I stopped playing when it encountered an unrecoverable error (just the game not my PC)

I thought I had used up just about the whole hour (I am patient in letting games grow on me). But I discovered I had used less than half the demo time. And I was on chapter 15 or so. So time was definitely not flying as I was playing.

Ugh. Oh yes, the "investigator" wearing a midriff-revealing shirt while on the job. Sure. I have no doubt the execs from a top casino would be calling her.

spammy63 wrote:Too short, not challenging enough. Figured out the "mystery" pretty quickly, then it was just boring. Wasted a game credit since it's the 3rd (CE) and 4th most downloaded, which i guess means people are downloading without reading reviews.

Or perhaps they downloaded the demo, played it and liked it. Just because it is not a game for you, does not mean no one would like it.
 posted in The Mirror Mysteries on Jan 8, 10 6:22 PM
ajjscott wrote:
cjm1998 wrote:I'm having replay problems with this game, sorry I purchased it.

Me too. The problem is that none of the puzzles will reset when you restart the game with another player, and there doesn't seem to be any other way to put everything 'back to zero'. The game badly needs correcting.

Read up a few posts. Your solution is there..
 posted in Jane Angel: Templar Mystery on Dec 31, 09 4:25 PM
Hi again Eugene-
I am just seeing your message now and HAVE to put my opinion in

Many members here download the demo the first day or two. If they don't like it, they delete it and never come back. Some may post in the forums, most will not.

Some may read the forums before downloading the demo and others (like me) may wait until after they try it out. I want to form my own opinion before listening to others.

So, you might want to ask BFG to help you out - I know they want your games to be a success also!

How many people downloaded the demo? How does that compare with other Hidden Object Games on BFG? That should give you a clue if the subject was the problem. Just a clue though because there may have been a lot of members who never downloaded after reading about the translation problems.

Of those who downloaded, how many eventually purchased the game? How does that compare with other HOGs here? If the conversion rate is low, that would indicate that people did not like the actual game play - probably the translation issues.

But I think you were mostly hit with the very vocal dissatisfaction with the spelling and grammar problems. You fixed those, but by then people had moved on to other new games. BFG also did not publicize the fixes - I only saw it because I visited the forums here. That might have helped (although I had already purchased the game by that point). But after the first few days, you are not likely to attract new players unless you appear on the top sellers list.

Your graphics are very good, your story line is new and fresh, you have some clever innovations in play - overall really a nice game. But once you missed the first flood of players, I think it was too late.

The other things people complained about - the hint display and the shutter between scenes would not normally be enough to keep people away if they enjoyed playing. So I think it was the translation problems - and we know that will not happen next game! Good luck!
 posted in Agatha Christie: Dead Man's Folly on Dec 29, 09 4:55 PM
It is pretty much a straight HOG but I like HOGs.

So if you like HOGs, here are some comments:
1. I like the "chapters." I like being able to leave a scene and then return again later to find the items you could not find the first time.
2. I do not understand the complaints about hints. You start with 3. You can earn more by finding 4 or 5 items quickly. Or you can wait for the hint to recharge (I think it takes 90 seconds).
3. If you knew "who done it" before playing, you read the book. There are hints and clues spread all along the game - some red herrings and some important. But that is OK, the purpose here is to play a HOG not solve the mystery. If solving the mystery were important, none of these games would have any replay value.
4. Yes, it has a timer but I never came anywhere near close to timing out in this game (I have in others). And if you do - just replay the chapter - makes the game longer too! But I do agree that developers SHOULD ALWAYS offer an untimed option, as some people are not able to finish in the allotted time. And if not having a relaxed mode ruins the fun for some players - why not add it?
5. A fair amount of revisiting scenes. Sometimes finding the same items. Not so good.
6. Each chapter is longer than the last as the developers add an additional scene each chapter. I finished just over 4 chapters in the demo, and played another 2.5 hours after purchased to finish the 11 chapters - a total of 3.5 hours.
7. There is a "find all" round after you finish the game where you find every item in every scene. I have not played that yet.
8. Graphics are reasonably good - I have seen better and worse recently, but overall the graphic quality of games has gone WAY UP in the last year, so compared to a year old game this one is great.
9. Some things are well hidden or in dark sections. You could argue that too many are. I averaged using a little less than one hint per scene.
10 Nothing appears that is inconsistent with the story - no cell phones or jets.
11. Little popup info screens appear when you find something useful. That can be irritating and it interrupts your quick-find-extra-hint hopes.
12. There are a lot of characters and keeping track of this is all but impossible. There should be a journal or notebook to refer back to - as there was in Death on the Nile I believe.

Bottom line: good but not great. I'll play again.

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