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 posted in Living Legends: Uninvited Guests Collector's Edition on Nov 3, 17 4:44 PM
 posted in Maze: Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition on Aug 14, 17 3:32 PM
this is one of several games where I get the message "Graphics card will not support this game" ???
 posted in Love Chronicles: Death's Embrace Collector's Edition on Jul 1, 17 4:40 PM
I cant play any of vendals games !!! so frustrating they load, then just fades very slowly in to game cant use my mouse or anything!! just have to Log off!! This never use to happen but has started last two years or so. running windows 7
AS with every Vendal Game it just wont work on my windows 7 just moves so slow you vant even get out of game because mouse icon wont move SO FRUSTRATING!!
 posted in Rite of Passage: Deck of Fates Collector's Edition on Oct 28, 16 3:13 PM
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! Very inventive have to hand it to the writers and staff who put this game out There!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
 posted in Nevertales: Hidden Doorway Collector's Edition on Sep 25, 16 4:15 PM
This is one of the most unique games I have ever played!! Absolutely LOVE IT!! Its been a long time since ive been able to say that. Great game!!
Yes Lolaluv Im having the same problem with crowns game I have no marble?? If you find the solution please let me know
 posted in Grim Tales: Crimson Hollow Collector's Edition on Aug 25, 16 12:10 PM
I got about 10 minutes into demo after deleting special effects and deleting special cursor and everything was going fine. Then the whole game slowed down to where it was impossible to play?? I remember the days long ago when all I had to do was look at the name of the game and bought it right away with out doing the demo!!
Cant believe all the problems with all the games!! So frustrating
 posted in Shadowplay: Darkness Incarnate Collector's Edition on Aug 20, 16 5:27 PM
WOW I GET the same thing "not enough Video Memory" ??? Whats that all about?

 posted in Spirit of Revenge: Florry's Well Collector's Edition on Jun 27, 16 12:13 PM
SO FRUSTRATED!! This happened with last Spirit of Revenge!! THE GAME just loads then click to play and its like a slow motion screen have to alt delete!! IM on Windows 7. Is it because I don't have windows * or Windows 10????????????
 posted in Dark Romance: Kingdom of Death Collector's Edition on Apr 21, 16 5:11 PM
I don't know if this will help anyone else But I deleted The Special Effects And now The game is playing just fine. Im on windows 7 and I see that its mostly Windows 10 That are having the most problem. I also Minimized the screen under properties When you right click on game icon on your screen on in your games. I don't know if that helped or not
 posted in PuppetShow: The Face of Humanity Collector's Edition on Jan 22, 16 3:58 PM
I Found the lightening on a rock above the umbrella. Very faint though. Hope this helps you
 posted in Ominous Objects: Trail of Time Collector's Edition on Dec 19, 15 2:44 PM
Have tried several times so frustrating!!
I Cant say HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! Ive played all of them from the First one until now!! Yes the first ones did not give you any help at all and I LOVED that.
But this has been THE BEST IN A LONG LONG TIME!!
 posted in European Mystery: Flowers of Death Collector's Edition on Oct 24, 15 3:58 PM
thank you!! LOL thought it was just me. I also looked at the guide and tried several times. It must be a glitch
 posted in European Mystery: Flowers of Death Collector's Edition on Oct 24, 15 2:39 PM
did anyone have trouble with the painting ?? I mean I would select the parts to paint then press the right color but nothing would paint or it would just go all yellow or something??
 posted in Midnight Calling: Anabel Collector's Edition on Sep 18, 15 12:39 PM
just cant play it!!! Its like a couple of other games with problems of screen with just ramdom objects but no back screen!! And extremely slow . Deleted special effects and curser but did not fix the problem. my system is windows 7
Im Really glad to see every had the same problem I did with the Map!! Had to skip it and I HATE TO DO THAT!! LOL
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 Collector's Edition on Aug 5, 15 4:06 PM
I couldn't get the back scratcher to lift the cupboard KEPT trying finally got it now I cant get the skins sewn on the walls. Does anyone been able to do this!! so frustrating!!
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 Collector's Edition on Aug 5, 15 3:55 PM
I cant get the animal skins sewed up on wall??? tried a dozen times with the needle and thread!! this is in the bonus chapter would appreciate any help I could get
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