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 posted in Westward Kingdoms on Apr 22, 15 11:59 AM
[size=14]There is an apparent technical issue in Kingdom 3 that appeared when I tried to play the game through the second time. The first time I made it to Kingdom 3 this issue was not apparent. Only after playing with a new profile and new game did I encounter this issue.
I have uninstalled & reinstalled the game twice but the same results each time.

In Kingdom 3 you have to pick the berries from this bush in order to receive a key. The "berry bush" is completely inactive which halts any progress in the game. I would post a photo of the problem but it is not allowed.

I have sent a Dr. Felix report and photo to customer service. I have loved playing this game but the glitch is a bummer, since I cannot complete the game.
 posted in Big Fish Games Texas Hold'Em on Sep 25, 13 1:19 PM
As a long time devoted customer and gamer I question why there is no game foruim for the "BF Casino"?

As I stated in an earlier post, it would certainly be helpful for some adequate and updated information to be availabel for players. The "help" section only covers a few issues.

There is a complete lack of information on what the requirements are for each type of casino game - i.e. certain "levels" or "XP" required to access certain games????

As is stands, I can only access Slots, Blackjack, Word Ace, and Hold 'Em Poker. I would love to play video poker and roulette but they are nowhere to be found.
 posted in Big Fish Games Texas Hold'Em on Sep 25, 13 1:09 PM
Other game app managers do the same thing. **** is worse. I get "ads" all over my game manager and it is quite cumbersome to navigate. Really irritating for games that I have "purchased" and want to play without the hassle of "ads" all over my monitor.

Big Fish's Game Manager is a bit streamlined. They should allow you to "remove" the Casino at your own choice.

I wish they would stop with the friggin "pop up game ads". Use a banner like the website. That stupid pup up causes some games to crash while loading. It is very irritating.
 posted in Big Fish Games Texas Hold'Em on Sep 25, 13 12:57 PM
I noticed this oddity on the slots. They go in with $100K and in a matter of ten minutes they have rolled up to $5 M.

I thought it was just me having really bad luck and then I realized they must be cheating because they will certainly ignore you. And the same "flashes, bells and whistles" that occurs with most players with only randomly occur with these players.

Certainly you must be able to stop this activity. It really bums out those of us who actually pay and play and get very little to zilch.
 posted in Big Fish Games Texas Hold'Em on Sep 25, 13 12:49 PM
As a long time member of your site, I have a few issues.

I have noticed that the Slots payout has been wrong. I have gotten "5 across" many times and got "NOTHING, NADA, NO WIN" ! it occurred in more than one game. Many times if you "WIN" your chips are not added to your total chips. That is very irritating when you win a large amount and then do not get anything. I enjoy playing and I have spent a lot more money than I ever thought I would spend on gaming that gives nothing in return.

Your "Casino Help" section does not include a lot of info either.

It would be nice to have an area that explains how players can access the roulette, video poker and other games. I can find NO INFORMATION regarding the requirements to play these games. Do I have to reach a certain amount of "XP"? Does it require a certain "$" amount of chips or gold? Do I need to achieve a "level" of a particular number? Clarity would be helpful.

A return of the "live chat" with a technical assistant is a plus. I hate e-mailing and waiting forever for a reply. Please do not forget that "customer service" should be of the upmost importance. If not, your site will surely fail. I truly enjoy playing the games and the casino but my patience is being tested.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Aug 1, 12 7:52 AM
I found some bios and chipset updates after a few hours of digging around that needed to be installed from the pc manufacturer website. Strange that they were not obvious on the chipset manufacturer's website.
When I get through with this time consuming boring process - - I will reinstall the game and see what happens.
Be back later.
Now if only the electricity does not go off again ......
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Jul 31, 12 5:32 AM
Standard Mode: Level 70 and above
Game goes into severe S-L-O-W motion

I thought it was a problem with my pc, went through numerous diagnostics and even re-installed game. My HP is fine, and is less than a year old.

I can replay any game in levels 1-69 and they work fine, every now and then I still get a quirky movement in the animation - which occurred during the first gameplay. I assume this is from the numerous processes Win7 runs. Even the MS techs could not figure out why this issue exists, they ran onboard diagnostics on my pc and said 8G memory should be blistering fast but it is not any faster than my old 2G memory on XP - lol.

The S-L-O-W motion issue began at level 70. After all diagnostics, trying to play Level 70-73 just gave me a headache - lol! There must be a serious program issue. I also noticed that unlike the other BF games, it closes the BigFish game manager when I open the game.

Any fix in the future?
I enjoyed the game.

I will attach a Dr Felix report in an hour or so. Here I go trying to play those levels again. Tylenol please .....
 posted in Youda Fisherman on Sep 19, 11 12:14 PM
That "other market" is closed. States that it is "unavailable to sell the metal bricks on daytime level". It is not offered in the primary market.
I am stuck on the same level.
Guess the bigfish techies are not reading the forums.
 posted in Youda Fisherman on Sep 19, 11 12:09 PM
I have experienced the "metal blocks" not being available in the iced islands. I believe it may be a glitch in the first released versions.
Yes, I am very intelligent and I understand the gameplay completely. The market is not available and if I spend all the time "shooting pirates to get metal blocks" I cannot achieve a "gold" on the level. The pirates give gold coins, too. Five hours to complete the level is more patience than I have - lol!
Mr. Flamer, your rudeness is hilarious. Spoiled brat syndrome, huh?
 posted in Azada ™ on Sep 29, 10 8:18 AM
I really enjoyed it - play it over and over. Good puzzler game.
 posted in Youda Survivor on Sep 29, 10 8:14 AM
I love it! Those pirates are hilarious - even though they can be aggravating.

I did find a glitch - some of the items "dropped" by the pirates on some levels of play cannot be used. You can "click to pick it up" a hundred times and it just sits there, stuck in place. Seems to occur a lot when the Parrots happen to get whacked by a pirate and I click on the pirate at the same time. The hogs can get frozen on top of the equipment when running from the pirates. Then you have to start that level over again, since you can't see the machine to add and remove products.
 posted in Safecracker on Jul 7, 09 12:54 PM
My apologies for not completing this info for ya'll.

I got hacked into again and lost all data. Arrgggghhhh... So, I will start over and do my best to help everyone as I promised. But I am not giving you the answers to everything - otherwise it wouldn't be any fun, right?

Be patient and I'll get my train ride back on the tracks - !
 posted in Safecracker on May 12, 09 9:47 AM
OOOPS - I need to correct an error! I meant to say "try to NOT punch your computer screen..." Sorry bout that!

Sorry for the delay in adding the help tips. Life has been kinda hectic - I just lost my mom and I am dealing with all the legal crap admist my emotional loss ....

I promise to post the tips before the end of this week..

As for the magnetic maze with the little ball ..... that's a tough one.
The object is to get that little steel ball into the LOWER RIGHT CORNER HOLE

I will start you out with the first moves and then you can finish it - think positive!
And pay close attention to how the ball lands against each magnet, which helps to determine the direction it will need to move .....

up - right - down - left - down - right - down - left - up - right - up - right .... and you can finish the rest
 posted in Safecracker on May 2, 09 8:39 AM
Ok folks, I feel like all of you do - just want to beat my head against the wall trying to solve some of the "tricks" that open the safes - !

I'll post what I know and I hope it helps. I haven't finished it yet, but as I work through it I'll help ya'll out.

But I'm not giving you the answers - only the things you need to think about to solve the puzzles. Otherwise, what fun would it be???

First thing, any resolution issues or freezing up in the game, go to the tech pages.
Now on to the good stuff ...

1-A. Right click the mouse = brings up a translucent gold framed menu across the upper & lower 1/3 of the screen.
B. The upper part will show a short description of any item you hover over in the lower menu.
C. Clicking on lower menu items will place them, only one at a time, in a "use it" box in the upper left corner of the upper menu.
D. Double left click removes the item from the upper menu and back to the lower menu, unless it happens to be the correct item for the puzzle you are trying to solve (which will insert it into the correct place).

2. To EXIT the game, just open this menu and open the door at the lower right edge of the lower menu. Then remember to SAVE your current progress before finally exiting the game.

I'll be back in a few ... have to run the game to properly describe each room and its puzzles for the safes. Meanwhile, ya'll try to punch your screens - LOL! Grab your favortie beverage, take a deep breath, a long swig and try to be smarter than what you are working with ....

 posted in Romopolis on Apr 29, 09 6:35 AM
Yeah, I noticed that if they can see a garden, they get happier. Try to build like this and it helps -
= living quarters = gardens

< this row will get really happy

They like to pray & bathe alot - must have an upgraded shrine, bath and temple.
The work camp helps alot - the more workers, the faster you can upgrade and do repairs at the same time!

Also helps to build scene in freeplay mode, just set the "goals" to a higher number than what you really need, so you can review the scene for the level you are working on. Yep, it's time consuming but it does help alot when you are frustrated.
Now .... backing to getting my brain abused by this game -
 posted in Romopolis on Apr 29, 09 6:12 AM
Sometimes you have to build 2 upgraded baths, one on each side of the living quarters. They're picky residents. I found that if you add the water and sewer upgrades to the living quarters also helps.
 posted in Romopolis on Apr 29, 09 6:09 AM
Apparently if you have the time and patience, building the same scene using the freeplay mode helps alot.

I did learn to add at least "5" extra to the "goal number" when setting your requirements or you won't be able to review the screen to remember where you placed everything to achieve the required goal! That "congrats" box covers up half the screen.

You also get higher happiness scores when you place the gardens near as many living areas as possible. For example, If you build a "U" shape of apartments, use the sixth square for a garden. Above that one, repeat the same design, being sure that the 2nd garden area is nest to the top row of the first set of apartments. The score will become higher for the middle row, since they can view 2 gardens at once!
It should liook like this: = living areas

I hope this helps a little ... I'm stuck on the scene about 2 before you guys - argghhh!
 posted in Romopolis on Apr 19, 09 3:35 PM
I don't find this game anything like the Build-A-Lot series ( which I enjoyed). Wonderburg is more like that game series.
Romopolis is definitely a test of skill. Like everyone else, I am stuck on that level of 600 peeps ... everything keeps needing repair just as I get EVERYTHING upgraded - argghhhh.... But it's fun to keep trying!
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