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 posted in Gummy Drop! on Dec 8, 17 11:55 PM
Why is the PC players left out of Christmas games? I feel like an unwanted dog left out in the cold.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 12, 16 5:38 PM
I heard Big Fish wants to phase out the PC's altogether and only be available to hand helds, so we may not be even getting any new games soon. Even the ones we pay for unless we get I pads or android phones!
 posted in Fairy Jewels 2 on Jun 12, 15 11:31 PM
Why is all these locked. Obviously this game will never be fixed and will constantly shut down for no reason. Yet it is still being sold as a "good" game. I think it is a big rip off.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Apr 14, 15 11:44 PM
I finally did it!! I completed the blueprint for Theodi. Worked long and numerous times but could never figure out the last piece. It directly in the middle so I did 1b and 8 so many times, I Guru both. Finally found the posting to check OddlyEnuh's screenshot at Boom Zap. Another ordeal later, never been there either. Anyway...10 was the one I was missing all along! Thank-you Oddly,very much. Hope my hair grows back now!
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Mar 2, 15 8:28 PM
I don't know what the secret is to Teddie's blueprint. The grid says I need 1b or 8. Have both at Guru (maxed). All other blueprints are done. Tried paying gold to complete puzzles. Tried the pushing "hint" just as puzzle completes. Nothing works. Why can't we just pay gold for the one missing puzzle piece and be done with it?
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Jan 14, 15 7:03 PM
I don't understand why anyone would have to do all the dancing around the computer files and browsers and such for a game update. Isn't that the responsibility of the game inventors (or whatever they are called)?. I'm not messing with the computer bits or deletes, updates, or whatever. If the plane updates never show up on the game for me, so be it. I'll be happy with what I have instead of losing all game progress from this game and maybe many others. I think that is simple enough for me. If it is not broken, don't try to fix it.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Dec 20, 14 10:28 PM
What advent calender?? Like another said some people get all the perks (maybe spending more "gold" than us working class people I wouldn't have even cared about not getting the freebies. Just to see something different.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Dec 20, 14 10:20 PM
Bought me a bunch of snow angels. Didn't know what it was before. Thought maybe bows? But anyway, missed the offer before, but got them this time. Same with the ghost family in sheets for Halloween. But got them this time around. Had all kinds of coin this year, (and still a little room on the manor grounds! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Apr 15, 14 11:08 PM
My favorite is Alcatraz. Just for the weapon crate. Cathedral is ok just because have plenty of the stuff to enter.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Apr 15, 14 11:05 PM
Hey all. Just curious about your Found playing strategy. Personally, I start the game by making sure I collect from my snow fairy and start a new request (either runes or shell, wish they would put cloak on there!!!) Then I collect my box floating in the sea.

Generally I try to complete the daily quests. I have deliberately kept some of the quests and have no intentions of completing them because I like the higher chance of receiving items. For example, I have one quest for 20 clay signs that I NEVER intend to finish because I use those suckers so fast for the renegades which gets rid of those dragon eggs I have to fight to keep under a 1000 of them in the inventory.

Also have no intention of completing the quest that requires the cloaks and the amulet.

I also spend about an hour at the wishing well (using only the 500 rolls until free spins) then using my free spins on the 2000 one until I get all the money I want and then free spinning with the diamond one. That one gives you some pretty interesting stuff. Am up to 100 honey pots. : ) and it gives weapon chests pretty decent amount of times along with the picnic baskets.

Once a week or so I will go to alcatrez to collect on the weapon chests (I use an amulet and avatar just to cover my bases)

That is just my style would be interested in learning yours!!! : )
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Apr 15, 14 10:42 PM
mobster - gang leader
need - 12 cloaks, 5 bombs, 10 flares
get - just realized I didn't get this far because looked at the cloaks and said NOT WORTH IT! sorry

Sandman - stone golem
Need - 10 ice shards, 10 ray guns, 10 broom
get - again didnt look I'm sorry

Inguisitor - grand master
need - 8 flying carpet, 6 black boxes with red interior, 12 pendant
get - cherry pie, big purse

mummy - pharaoh mummy
need - 4 montezuma figurine, 4 pharaoh figurine, 12 gecko
get - pineapple juice, small purse

zombie - zombie warrior
need - 10 arrow, 10 torch, 5 runes
get - fruit dessert, small purse

hope this is helpful
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