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 posted in Dark Dimensions: Somber Song Collector's Edition on Mar 17, 14 12:39 PM
Same issue. Game played on the trial version and when I purchased it, once you hit PLAY, just a picture with no bottoms or top columns.
This is NOT A TECH ISSUE or updating drivers. I hope someone will have the producer of this game fix the problem.....Please!!!!!!
I just purchased this game yesterday and the problems as listed above with it. I assume the update is in the game since it is after Aug. 12. It's terrible when you have to restart a game all over again.
I find this has been happening a lot lately with Big Fish Games, many of them very sluggish or not playing properly. Too many games being produced (collector's editions) almost every day. Big Fish needs to get after the developers to start doing a proper job or they will start losing business. For heaven's sake DEVELOPERS, start taking the time and produce a good game that actually works!!

As of now, I will not continue to play this game.
This is the 2nd game from BFG that has lag and scenes that take forever to load...very slow acting. There has been no issues from games in the past and I doubt it is technical issues. It seems to be the games themselves.
Another game I would have purchased except for the above problems. This is getting tiresome.
I too had a terrible crazy cursor and it was all over the place and finally changed it under Options. The game is still slow and sluggish when scenes are changed which is so irritating when waiting for a scene to develop. Something is not right with this game and needs to be fixed, so I will Not purchase it under these circumstances. I thought it was my computer at first.

Also the reviews on the game has disappeared. There used to be 78 and now I see nothing, asking for players to post their review for the first time.

If the problem is fixed, then I would love to purchase.
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