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 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake on Nov 1, 13 1:03 PM
FINALLY I am so EXCITED ...About time we got back to Madame Fate and the Carnival WHOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
I have been waiting years for this one and Thrilled
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 23, 12 3:01 PM
Please pass the weeping coffe cup...I so Agree
Sad day in my gaming MCF World
Cornel Mustard did in the Library with the candelstick YEP
that is the way it happened and I personally endorce
this message .....
The Problem is WE are spoiled YEP we are LOL

This is a GOOD game not the best graphics the HOG scenes are kind of dark
UGGG and junk pile ...but with all that it is a LONG game and kept me busy awhile I
tell you, so I am a happy camper.

There are better games out there but and a big BUT if you are lost in a game
and it drags you in so you don't want to quit, HEY works for me LOL.
This is one of those games you just want to find out what happens

Happy Gaming People
I just hope with the newest version it does not make us start over
<keeping my fins crossed> I been so busy with Turkey day did not have time to play so back to where I left off if the powers that be allow it.

I can say I am really enjoying what I have seen so far WHOHOOOO!!!

Being from the south I just love the slang and the fact we have a choice ALRIGHTTTT
CONGRATS to Whomever YEAHHHH!!!!

I am lost but waiting patiently for 13 SKULLS I am such a good

It is sad that has stooped to this level...sigh. I wonder what happened to those great games
we played for 6.99...OO My did the wizard of OZ steal them ....Muhaha

I don't mind that we have CE's, I mind that they are LOW quality and WELL to put it blunt DUD games
alas ...maybe we are spoiled but did it and now they have transgressed until we feel cheated...sigh. If you are going to offer a CE PLEASE make it worth IT to get.....gezzz
This is a sad thing for me......I am hoping the next MCF has NOT cheated us either, holding on and holding OUT ...LQQK it's raining or is that SNOW
I Give UP too stressful I am going to go back and play the OTHER MCF games for the next few weeks ...I LOVE them all so HOLD THE FORT DOWN...


Can't beat the Oldies
I would SO love a Madame Fate Sequel but alas my brain says it's a trick...sigh

I await the true story and the UPDATED Official MCF site...ahummmm

Share the

Picman is great but HOW bout updating the OFFICIAL MCF site ...They did it last year so we wait with baited breath....Share the LOVE show us ....its a

Tapping foot
Personally I think it depends on HOW much you buy ....they ignore peeps that don't buy constantly or a lot....thats Ok as some of us are OLD, UGLY AND TIRED Plus we are spoiled to the good stuff ...OO MY I wonder who spoiled us that we except nothing less that GREAT <scratching head>
Well I don't beta test games sent to me out of my genre .... knows what I buy so there. I love MCF and all the other HOGS, IHOGS, FROGS I plead the 5th LOL.

I did test the beta from another site hmmm I think it has a ways to go though, the graphics were not the MCF quaility I am use too ....I will say this though.. IT HOOKED me I honestly think it want be out Thanksgiving day ...They are still fine tuning it...LOVE the maid she had the accent down totally ...WOW Loved it.

I can't wait for the final version WHOHOOOO!!!
I blink and I miss all the excitement

Something about a beta leak ....I am blonde so I am lost once again

I ponder though why if there is a Thanksgiving release have they not updated the official site? Inquiring Jeannie's would love to know Leads me to believe the game will NOT be out then

Sharpening my pitchfork just in case I need it
Thanks Cazzle I think the sharks stole your arm bands I am innocent I tell you totally innocent. I am waiting patiently but then I have been here before so many times just LOVE MCF series.
WOW, ok it's a GAME people ..."settle" a game that we love but all the hype is the reason
we "love" it so much so just SETTLE ...Don't attack each other play nice there are sharks in this pond.

Swimming away fast::::::::::::::::::::
WOW You guys are good, I am lost but love reading the posts it wets our appetite for MCF 7 as if they were not on GO already, it is just that time of year...


I said way back I did not think it would be a RTR series ...hmmm
Thanks for all the great post fishes. I can't think of a thing to add except...
USE THE FORCE (Welll it worked for Star Wars)

Swimming away before I get hooked by an ambitious fisherman

It is looking like an RTR continuous but I am NOT giving up on Dire Grove or Madame Fate just yet
WOW little here a little there but NOTHING to know for sure hmm

I do know how excited I was last Thanksgiving when Dire Grove came out it was all I could do to cook LOL

Great speculations all Love reading them
I have NO idea what YOU guys are On medication wise?? BUT WOW
Share the LOVE ........I am adrift
OK another ..WHAT IF ?? ::: it is a totally different THEME, last year Dire Grove took us somewhere else and then MAYBE it is not a continuous of any MCF game maybe a NEW Venue??
Hey I am GAME ON ....

Thanks Rainbow I am on a roll LOL
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