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 posted in Regency Solitaire on Feb 18, 15 9:53 PM
I love this game. I like solitaire games in general but this tops them all. The beautiful pictures, beautiful music, and I am always a sucker for a nice romantic story. It was a bit of a challenge when I got to the very last scene at the ball. I had to think about it and the power ups etc, and how to accomplish the goals. I am very much looking forward to your next game. I will try this in the difficult mode and will probably play it over and over. (Valdy, I love spotting you and your wonderful reviews. You have become a sort of secret friend to me over the years. I am 78 yrs now and still love to play although I have changed from Hidden Objects (of which I have hundreds) to this type of game as well as some time management games.
Again, thank you developers for a fun-filled game.
 posted in Magic Cards Solitaire on Dec 11, 14 8:47 AM
Love the solitaire games but I was a little leery when I read first reviews, then I saw that Valdy gave it a good review and that is all I needed. I have followed Valdy's reveiws for years now and have confidence that this will be a great game. Thanks Valdy and thanks Big Fish.
 posted in Gizmos: Spooky Adventures on Nov 23, 14 5:53 PM

first time I have seen this type of game. I am enjoying it but nowhere near the expert level. I find myself counting in my sleep. I am in late 70s so it is quite a
challenge for me and I have had to start over a puzzle or two but it is still fun. A
change from the usual games for me. I plan to go back and also get the first gizmo game when I finish this one.

 posted in Holiday Jigsaw Halloween 2 on Oct 24, 14 6:05 PM
I wish I could find a puzzle game that clicks like the jigzone daily puzzles. I did buy this one because of the beautiful pictures and also the variety. However, I don't like the way the pieces "float" and then settle in place. It's a dumb complaint I know and that is why I shall keep it and play it. Just sayin..
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Oct 15, 14 8:19 PM
Does anyone know if there are any other games by these developers? I have played these three over and over many times and would like to know. I would also hope for another to this set but I do know then it would not be a trilogy. I have hundreds of games from BF but none that I like better.
 posted in The Golden Years: Way Out West on Oct 15, 14 8:13 PM
I don't know what to think. I bought this a couple yrs ago and didn't like it. Too much trying to figure out and not relaxing at all for me. Now I thought I would like to try again and it still puzzles me. It is colorful and fairly interesting but I hate to try to figure out if I need more items or not enough. I will try again in couple days when I am not so tired. I m to the point that I am getting gold (not many levels into it) but it just isn't that much fun but as I said I will give it another try.

 posted in Rush for Gold: California on Oct 11, 14 5:23 PM
I bought it. I played it. I loved it!
 posted in Manor Memoirs on Sep 22, 14 10:28 PM
Actually dancemom, the game does end with the book release. However, you can still play around and change the décor of the mansion if you like by doing some more searches. It is just a fun relaxing (when untimed) little game and something for a change. I like it!
 posted in Manor Memoirs on Sep 21, 14 4:05 PM
I agree with everything dancemom said. I can only say "Thank You" for another fun game. I have the others from this developer and play them often. They are such a pleasant change from the HOGS and even the strategy games I have been playing for some time. Big Fish certainly can please everyone.

 posted in The Far Kingdoms: Winter Solitaire on Sep 9, 14 6:54 PM
Sounds good to me. Some solitaire games are foolers but this one sounds like fun.
I don't like being timed so I am in.

 posted in Mystika 2: The Sanctuary on Jun 4, 14 9:21 PM
Same with me. Game is over for me I guess, no fun spending days and days trying to get something I can't. Up to now I loved the game.
 posted in Viking Saga: Epic Adventure on May 28, 14 11:26 PM
Great fun! I forgot from former games that you need wood to light the fires. This game seems to me to be much more difficult or should I say annoying than the former but just as much fun. I can only imagine how complex it will become because I am not very far into it and I am talking to it all the time I play.
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on May 27, 14 11:42 PM
Okay, I finished it and got the gold skull, I just had to repeat the last chapter again and it came back to me. I was missing a stone at the cave the first time and nothing seemed to work then. Great game! I too would like to see some more of the series or at least something similar by these developers. I would be lost if I played with a timer though. I like the option of a relaxed mode.
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on May 27, 14 9:37 PM
I played this game to the end when it first came out. No problem with the conclusion at all. Won Done. Decided to play it again and had forgotten a lot of it.
I am 77 yrs old. Got to the conclusion with no trouble, had to stop a couple of times and have all but one of the gems to put in the machine thing. I have a purple bag on my person and have not been able to free a gem at the front part of the cave and of course I do not have the staff. I can not figure out how I won before nor can I remember what I did. I keep returning to the island and have so darn much stuff now so I know I am going on and on and not getting whatever I need to do. Do I make sense? If so, should I start this final bonus chapter over?
 posted in Northern Tale 2 on Apr 9, 14 1:12 PM
this is probably dumb question but I have completed up to #12 and then played the bonus game 6 times. How do I get to go on to #12? I played the first game without this problem. I really enjoyed it and also this one up to this point. Please tell me how to move on instead of repeating the bonus game over and over. The graphics and great by the way.
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Mar 21, 14 2:04 PM
I have played these 3 games over and over again and every time is a little bit different. Timing is a factor some times. They are the best! I too hope the developer will consider a fourth in the series. Or maybe a new similar series. Thank you for hours and hours of fun!
 posted in Viking Saga: New World on Mar 4, 14 10:09 AM
I loved the first one and have been anxiously awaiting this one. My 77 yr old fingers will do just fine with the relaxed mode. Going now to get this game!
 posted in Fable of Dwarfs on Feb 26, 14 7:33 AM
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 posted in Dream Hills: Captured Magic on Feb 9, 14 6:03 PM
Just finished the second time around, trying not to use help button. Love this game. It is colorful, different, not to difficult and just fun to play. There is a hint of a sequel and I hope this will happen. For me, it is so nice not to be dark and spooky, I loved playing this game. I have hundreds of HO's and really tired of the scary ones so have just been buying adventure games which I enjoy too but this is a good one for sure. Thanks BF and developers
 posted in Dream Hills: Captured Magic on Feb 8, 14 5:42 PM
I do not have any of the spell helps (sorry I forgot the name of them) that I will need and I have reached the secret room. When do get them and do I have to start over to do so? Maybe I haven't gone far enough but I tried to go back and see if I missed anything and can't find them. There are supposed to be four of them.
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