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 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 12 11:02 AM
I just finished the game and can't seem to find any Bonus Gameplay. Why is that?
 posted in Inception of Darkness: Exorcist 3 on Nov 12, 12 1:56 AM
I am in the cave with no bucket of water and I'm stuck now
This was definitely a buy for me. The game runs smooth and well worth the $6.99 special Christmas price. Thanks BFG
 posted in Mountain Crime: Requital on Dec 12, 11 11:41 AM
Thank you, Thank you, downloading now.
 posted in Mountain Crime: Requital on Dec 12, 11 8:53 AM
Customer Service says it will be a few hours until it will be fixed.
 posted in Mountain Crime: Requital on Dec 12, 11 3:29 AM
I am having the same problem as everyone else. I bought the game and it should proceed. Is there something we don't know about?
I'm not mad or overly critical about any part of this game site. It is great. But this game is the most challenging I have ever purchased. I would rate it a 10 in entertainment and it was really enjoyable up to a point. The point is I just would like to finish this game and can't.
I am as disappointed as everyone else. First of all I can't seem to get the twins and those 2 women released from that old house where everyone got strung up. I entered everything according to the instructions but they are still tied to that machine. I have been working on this game a long time but can't finish it. Am I missing something here? If anyone has a clue please let me know. This is giving me a headache.
I love these games. I have to travel today and will have to finish this game when I come back. These are the times when I wished I had a laptop. Just purchased it and I can play after Thanksgiving. Family dinners are very important. However since I've waited soo long for this I purchased it first thing this morning. I got hooked on these games about a long time ago, and I've noticed how much improvement has been made as time goes on. All the new features. All you fishes and staff at BFG have a happy holiday.
I wouldn't miss buying this. I have every game for Mystery Case Files. I just wish they came out more often. So far I have played for 30 min. I don't care much for morphing items but I can get past that.
Great graphics, and its easy to navigate through the scenes.
 posted in Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness on Nov 19, 11 7:00 AM
This game was good. Very different from the usual but likeable. I got it with a punchcard credit. No problems with navigation, graphics were great, but I wished it has lasted a little longer.
 posted in Azada® : In Libro Collector's Edition on Nov 17, 11 1:11 AM
I have played 40 min. of the demo and so far I like this one. I am in the process of buying this. Great graphics. So far I haven't run into any bugs. This is quite an adventure but I never do many of these kind of games. I will review again later after I get the full version. I think it will be a good one but I am not optimistic that it won't have anything go wrong. And then again it might be very good.
 posted in Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy on Nov 15, 11 4:26 AM
I am also stuck. All I have is 1 key, a doll, a music box & a flashlight. Can't find the last block, and yes I broke the glass and got that one. The hint button isn't helping. No I don't believe we are WT dependent either. I use them but only when I am stuck. I have been through every area and can't find a solution to this.
 posted in Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy on Nov 15, 11 2:56 AM
I got this game with a punchcard credit. It promises to be a challenge. I don't always need a walkthrough, however I like them in the more difficult areas I encounter throughout some games. I have to say this game is good and has good navigation through the mansion. I will give it a thumbs up for entertainment.
 posted in The Keepers: Lost Progeny Collector's Edition on Nov 13, 11 2:54 AM
This game promises to be a very interesting one to buy, just like I am doing now. Winter is coming on and i look forward to having BFG to fill those long days inside when it too bad to go out. I have been a fan of this game site for years and as long as you produce this kind of entertainment there will be many years in the future. I am hooked on it and glad I am.
 posted in Bluebeard's Castle on Nov 13, 11 2:50 AM
I'll give this game a thumbs up. Best SE I've had in a few days. This is one of the games that I would call entertainment. I think it deserves a 10 in a must have.
 posted in Red Crow Mysteries: Legion on Nov 10, 11 3:04 PM
Even the new update did not fix the fact that I can't fine her mother's letter. The walkthrough was no help. What now. I really hate it when I can't finish a game that shouldn't have had this many problems, and nothing is fixed.
 posted in Red Crow Mysteries: Legion on Nov 9, 11 12:32 PM
I have run into one problem. Where you use the mirror to make the colors the same as in the mirror, I did that. The walkthrough says to read your mother's letter when that is finished. I did that but no letter appeared. I think I'm stuck now.
 posted in Red Crow Mysteries: Legion on Nov 9, 11 10:46 AM
I deleted and redownloaded the game and the help screen disappeared. I also bought this game with a credit. I might like it after all. It is different. I guess the walkthrough helped in that decision. It is different especially understanding what this game is all about. I am still playing but I wanted you to know it wasn't as bad as I thought at first.
 posted in Red Crow Mysteries: Legion on Nov 9, 11 2:24 AM
I am really going to need a walkthrough for this. I like it but I find some things about a little old, back in the 90's when this all started with the HOS. We all lived with it then and sometimes we could progress and sometimes not. I guess we are spoiled with the walkthroughs but we all love them. I wanted to buy this game and still will if later today I can work out some things. The gas can is empty and I assume I need to fill it up.
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