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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 26, 18 2:22 PM
I am at the end of game 84 and *I cannot finish it. Anabel has one more thing to do but there is nothing there for her to say so cannot finish it. Finished the second issue but I cannot go any further. What do I do?

 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 9, 17 6:11 AM
I feel so blessed to have so many people praying for me and my family. Gloria will be so happy to hear that people we don't even know except virtually are praying for her. I believe in God and in the power of prayer and I pray for all of you, my virtual friends.

Lorna (Cookie)
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 8, 17 9:04 AM
From Susiewastaken I thought Cookie and Mae were the same player; no matter.

Sometimes I would play for my sister. She led a very busy life as a master seamstress.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 8, 17 8:39 AM
CraftyLucy ask to be friends with Cookie and I will send whenever I get some. My friend # is 206766.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 8, 17 8:32 AM
My sister has been playing under the moniker of Mae and sometimes LonieDoone. I found out last week that she has ovarian cancer that has spread to her stomach and beyond. She will be playing a little if at all. So, all friends of Mae and LonieDoone please just see her playing once in awhile if at all. Please play for her which I would really appreciate. She starts chemo tomorrow.. Last year we lost our younger sister to a heart attack and it has been very difficult My mother is still alive and of course this is playing a toll on her. I know we are only supposed to talk about the game but since she is a player..... Sorry if this bothers anyone.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 18, 16 7:52 PM
Thanks Susie - more desperate for Cookie. Gave uup on Mae a long time ago.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 18, 16 5:51 PM
Hey Sadie - yes I have the pumpkin guy but he is asking for candy which I do not have andd when I try they don't come up. How do I get a quest made out of that?

 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 18, 16 4:22 PM
Cannot get quests for #29 monthly game. Without this cannot get to #30. I see NO daily quests, just candy, etc.

What to do?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 24, 16 1:07 PM
Very caring prayers for you. Even though you don't know me it doesn't mean I cannot pray for you and your husband.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 24, 16 12:36 PM
Last week my home received water as did a lot of homes south of Baton Rouge, some flooded almost to ceiling. Mine was bad enough. Until we can find a permanent home, Mae and Cookie will not be able to gift. Will get back soon, I hope.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 18, 16 3:19 PM
I was doing great until the 100 HOS. But then I said to myself that I didn't really want that avatar. He is so ugly. So I have gotten through it.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 1, 16 8:18 AM
Ok, I think I may have it. For example, in order for me to get the pink flower there in the town, I have to zoom to ice area and the tree and get the three items I need too make the flowers. How many zooms is that?

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 30, 16 6:34 PM
Here is another stupid question from me. Believe me these questions are sincere and I need simple answers.

What is a zoom zone? How do you get it?

Thanks - Mae
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Jun 27, 16 6:47 PM
How do I find the silver cup?
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Jun 26, 16 10:36 PM
Is there anyone who can give me a list on how to make gunpowder. a blow-by-blow?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 24, 16 6:13 PM
I tried to do a 5-part daily quest. I just picked one and did it. Nothing happened. I am on level 29. Please explain it for a simpleton.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 21, 16 6:21 PM
How can someone on level 20 do a 5 part daily quest? I can't see where it is possible.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 19, 16 10:54 AM
First Mark, then Sadie, I feel so diminished. There are "friends" and then there are FRIENDS. You have been a FRIEND when I was low. I've enjoyed all your Avatars, much fun. I will hopefully see you in e-mail heaven.

Your friends,
/ /
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 14, 16 9:28 AM
Bring back banned people like Danger (Mark, HoBo Joe).
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 31, 16 9:22 AM

Saturday my husband Clarence and I will be married 45 years. I'm real proud which is probably how the idea about whose been married how long.

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