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 posted in Gnomes Garden: Halloween on Nov 5, 17 2:35 PM
While it is true that this game is very similar to the other Gnome Garden games, I have to say that I love them all!! I was so excited to see this one offered - but I just saw it by chance, guess it was a 'soft' release?? Anyway, I find these games really relaxing and a lot of fun - fairly easy but enough of a challenge that I have to play many levels more than once to get 3 stars. I don't mind at all that it is similar to previous games because I love all of them.
They are scattered across the map as trophy cups (I think)...I am also old so I could be wrong
I must be really lame because I can't even get it on any of even the first levels!! Is speed the main factor in achieving the DR??
 posted in Rescue Team 7 Collector's Edition on Jun 14, 17 3:40 PM
For those who said this is not worth the CE price....The in-game strategy guide I find is a lot easier than trying to search the forums or you tube for help with the tough levels. Also this CE includes 20 bonus levels for a total of 70 levels. From what I understand, the SE will only have 50 levels so the 20 extra levels is a great bonus. I rarely buy Collector's Editions because I am not interested in the usual extras such as music or wallpapers but the strategy guide PLUS the 20 bonus levels make this one of the few (along with Royal Envoy) that I buy with no hesitation - well worth the price to me. This is a great game...and a great value
 posted in Gardens Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit Collector's Edition on Jan 3, 15 10:16 PM
Thanks!! I just couldn't figure out how you "lose" them...."use" them makes much more sense
 posted in Gardens Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit Collector's Edition on Jan 3, 15 6:16 PM
I am probably missing something obvious here....but can someone tell me what this means. I got the trophy in both Gardens 2 and 3 but still don't understand it!?!
 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 on Nov 30, 14 10:40 AM
I built a substation and painted and lighted everything, then when everything else was done I demolished the bait still showed that I had it - weird, did it by accident!
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess IV on Mar 11, 14 9:53 PM
Yep - between this one and the new Monument Builders, I am just so mad at these game developers. It seems I wait forever for TM games to come out, then I got so excited when two of my favourite series release sequels so I bought them both right away without demo....then so disappointed in both of them. Both games are ruined for me and I just want to cry. Why take a great games series, then set out to destroy it?? Why, developers, why????
 posted in Monument Builders: Great Wall of China on Mar 11, 14 9:35 PM
I agree with moesart. I have the other six games in this series - just finished replaying them all again as I ran out of good games to play. I love the other six - they were all similar but added little changes here and there to keep it interesting. BUT this one, with the using gems to buy skills and so on....I do NOT like it at all - especially as on many levels you have to use the gems or you cannot get gold (and I always HAVE to get GOLD!). I much rather liked the other games and being able to strategize your way through a level. Now it seems the only "strategy" is what extra skills to pay for so you can get gold. Not a change for the better and I hope the developers do NOT continue with this....I've already bought it so will likely finish it at some point - I will likely just play earlier levels a zillion times to build up gems and then just use them on every levels....hardly a strategy! Very disappointed - this was one of my favourite series and it is ruined for me! The same with MKFTP - waited forever for the new one, bought right away and was so disappointed with it that I haven't bothered to finish that one yet either. I am just so mad about both these games....WHY ruin a good thing...WHY????
 posted in Island Tribe 5 on Dec 16, 13 8:39 PM
I agree - just finished on hard and never had to redo a level - I played on normal mode first because I remembered some of the other Island Tribe games were difficult to get gold...not this one!
 posted in Island Tribe 5 on Dec 16, 13 8:36 PM
Just finished the game on both normal and hard modes and got all golds for the jewels...I think some of the jewels may disappear if you don't grab them right away so maybe that is where some people are not getting gold?? Weird, I didn't have any problems getting them at all.
 posted in The Tiny Tale on Oct 8, 13 5:54 PM
Just figured it out....get enough mana to cast the mother earth spell to build up your food and have enough near the end to cast the speed spell. When you are about to break the big rock that releases the 4 skeletons and the pumpkinhead (make sure you have 400 food - 100 for the rock and 300 for the king) cast the speed spell and have your 3 gremlins run to start killing the king - they will have him done before the ghoulies can reach your house....I just got the red flower by seconds Hope this is not too confusing, not very good at explaining things!
 posted in The Tiny Tale on Oct 8, 13 5:33 PM
Yep - have tried don't know how many times and can't get the red flower - takes so long to build up enough mana (I think you need 520 in total to kill the 4 middle skeletons and the pumpkin head guy) so the troll can keep them away from the house, there is just not enough time to kill the pumpkin king!
 posted in The Tiny Tale on Oct 7, 13 6:00 PM
Not sure why there are no reviews here for this game? Was it a soft release?? I am just loving level 12 so far, have all red flowers but the strategy can be pretty tricky sometimes. It also lets you play on fir "lower" flowers and I believe has a casual mode as well. I love my troll and my little gremlins - love the new outfits I keep winning for them to wear - doesn't affect gameplay but they sure are cute!! I don't play hidden object games any more - got burnt out on those. Only play builders, strategy, TM games and they seem to few and far between - especially the good ones. In my opinion, this one is very good. Just finished Royal Envoy and Rush for Gold and am enjoying this one every bit as much....give it a try - seems such a shame that it is going unnoticed - I know there are many TM lovers out there that would just love this!!!
 posted in Monument Builders: Colosseum on Sep 29, 13 10:33 AM
Great game...I have played them all and love, love, love this series. This one has better graphics, some nice changes (like when you destroy wood or rock blocking the road it goes right into your inventory, you don't have to wait for a donkey to deliver it!). Not sure it needed the story line - building these great monuments is a story line in itself! My favourite so far is Notre Dame, thought that game was just beautiful - we'll see if this one can top that
Okay, I have just finished this game on regular and experts, all bonus levels, all gold stars, all achievements! I loved it but got a little bored toward the end. Why don't they offer the choice of regular or expert difficulty right at the start of the game?? So many games do this - I do play my good TM games over, but usually months or years later when they are kinda "new" again, I didn't really enjoy playing all those levels over again straight away...just my opinion, of course
I did it differently...and quicker I think. I built 3 cabins with gardens, got 200 more wood, demolished sawmill and built 2 dovecotes with 2 doves each...then paid leprechaun and got enough gold to pay the pirate and was done as soon as the hidden cottage was revealed....
 posted in When In Rome on Aug 24, 13 7:44 AM
I finally found it by the tree beside the cellar, not by the sawmill as Youtube stated - it is possible that it changes location??? I love this game but finding the amber is ruining it for me - it doesn't give you anything...but I just HAVE to find it to get those 3 stars!
 posted in When In Rome on Aug 24, 13 7:24 AM
Nope - can't find it either - Youtube says it is between the sawmill and sheep farm but I have clicked all over there and no luck
 posted in Rescue Team 3 on May 11, 13 9:29 AM
I got this award - I didn't build anything on the right side and always kept the sawmill occupied by a resident - I don't know if that made a difference but the robbers didn't seem to enter occupied buildings. This strategy took a VERY long time because I only had the one food hut and one house so getting the gold and food required took a long time. Also, I always kept an extra 100 gold on hand before breaking rocks - sometimes robbers came two a time so needed the gold to get them. Maybe I just got lucky but this strategy worked for me - hope it helps someone else!
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